Web survey software tools for enterprise online data collection and reporting, used by major corporations, governments, and NGOs throughout the world.

Current Press Releases

January, 2007:
EZReport 2007 press release: [HTML] [PDF] [Screenshots for editors]
November, 2006:
EZSurvey 2007 press release: [HTML] [PDF] [Screenshots for editors]
November, 2005:
EZSurvey 2005 press release: [HTML] [PDF] [Screenshots for editors]
August, 2004:
EZSurvey 2004 Service Release 1 press release: [HTML] [PDF]
June, 2004:
EZSurvey SMS press release: [HTML] [PDF]
April, 2004:
EZReport 2004 press release: [HTML] [PDF]
February, 2004:
EZSurvey 2004 for the Internet press release: [HTML] [PDF] [Screenshots for editors]
August, 2001:
EZReport, Version 4.5 press release: [HTML] [PDF]
February, 2001:
EZReport, Version 4.2 press release: [HTML] [PDF]
October, 2000:
EZSurvey 2000 for the Internet information: [HTML] [PDF]
January, 2000:
SURVEYWin, Version 4.2 press release: [HTML] [PDF] [ Screenshots for editors]
Interform press release: [HTML] [PDF] [ Screenshots for editors]
July, 1999:
EZSurvey 99 for the Internet information: [HTML] [PDF]
September, 1998:
EZReport, Version 4.0 information: [HTML] [PDF] [ Screenshots for editors]
SURVEYWin, Version 4.0 information: [HTML] [PDF]

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Download our demos:
EZSurvey for the Internet

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SURVEYWin Form Design and Data Entry Examples:

EZReport and SURVEYWin Analysis Report Examples:

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