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Raosoft Database Management System


Raosoft, Inc. form and survey software comprise a database management system of great strength and reliability that also communicates with other proprietary formats. The Raosoft database is an extremely robust, proven system that possesses high data integrity and security. Its flexibility allows you to change question order, add or delete questions / items and modify your survey form and database over time in whatever ways are required. The database will allow novices to design web surveys and other surveys that formerly only professionals could author.

Written in C++, the Raosoft DBF format database has been handling and gathering data for customers for more than ten years. Since all Raosoft authoring and collection programs use this same database, you may append or transfer files (only one fieldname in common is required) to aggregate or truncate data files, easily and safely handling your files. You may import/export data to outside databases as well.

Customers frequently comment on the speed of data handling; our end users work with databases with sizes ranging from 50 to 500,000 records. This speed is made possible by handcrafted algorithms that we've developed.


Raosoft designed its database to communicate with outside databases easily. You may export and import files to all standard database and spreadsheet formats. You may also save your web data in an XML file to be used by other programs. Using Raosoft EZReport you can even bring in legacy data to add to Raosoft collected database data for common analysis.

Using EZSurvey Pro, you can collect data into ODBC databases, including Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Sybase, and DB2. You may also analyze this data in EZReport.