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TableViewer is a free database browser from Raosoft. It is made available under the following license conditions:

  • You may only give this program to others, or make it available for others to download, if you have purchased other Raosoft survey software (EZSurvey, InterForm, or SurveyWin).
  • You may translate the program's resources into another language, so long as the copyright statement remains unaltered.
  • You may not sell this program without the prior written permission of Raosoft, Inc.

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Open a table by selecting File | Open from the menu, or, if TableViewer is associated with data files, by double-clicking on the file in Windows. You can launch TableViewer from your program with a command line like:
tableviewer.exe file://c:/myfile.asc
tableviewer.exe odbc://user:password@service/schema.table
TableViewer works with delimited ASCII and DBF files, and with most ODBC data sources. With ASCII, TableViewer parses the file and loads the entire database into memory when it starts. With DBF files, TableViewer only loads 1 MB at a time.

Double-click on a column to sort the records by that column. Double-click again to reverse the sort order. For large databases, this could take a very long time.

Double-click on a row header to show a survey form view. If a form file (.ezf, .html, or .form) with a name matching the data file is in the same directory, you can see a scrollable, page-at-a-time view of the data.

Right-click on the header to get to the query menu, which lets you restrict the rows you see.

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