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  • News: New! Raosoft Inc, January 2007 - EZReport 2007 Released!. Raosoft Inc announces the release of EZReport 2007. Read the Press Release "EZReport 2007 for the Internet Released!" and the 2007 New Features [HTML]

  • News: New! Raosoft Inc, December 2006 - EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet Released!. Raosoft Inc announces the release of EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet. Read the Press Release "EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet Released!" and the EZSurvey 2007 New Features [HTML]

  • News: News Federal Computer Week, October 9, 2006 "Surveys to tap into feds' feelings". All federal agencies now must now conduct annual surveys to measure employee satisfaction and to rate internal leadership and management practices. The new federal regulation begins on January 1, 2007. The Office of Personnel Managment is providing the mandatory 45 standard questions, to which agencies can add more.

    Raosoft, Inc. is pleased that we were asked, because of our expertise in conducting employee surveys for the federal agencies and military services, to provide comments for this article. Among other surveys, Raosoft software powers the OPM Human Capital Survey, a biennial survey that will provide for the agencies' annual requirement for the year it is implemented by OPM. Raosoft will offer a prepared template of the required questions for use by agencies in the alternate year who have purchased Raosoft software, and Raosoft will also provide turn-key hosting for agencies who would like Raosoft to take on the administration of the survey for them. OPM will allow agencies to use a third party.

    View sample of OPM questions created in Raosoft InterForm. If you would like to use this template, please call Raosoft, Inc. for information, at (206) 525-4025.

  • News: Federal Computer Week, January 5, 2006 "Air Force studies workforce survey" The Air Force is analyzing 306,000 responses to the most comprehensive online survey about workforce concerns that it has ever conducted. Officials expect to complete the analysis in February and make the survey results available to all Air Force leaders to improve their units’ morale and operational efficiency. Air Force employees, supervisors, managers, executives and commanders voluntarily answered the worldwide survey, which the Air Force conducted online between Oct. 1 and Nov. 23, 2005, using Raosoft’s Web-based InterForm survey software. This Air Force Climate Survey marks the sixth iteration of the biennial Chief of Staff of the Air Force Climate Survey, begun in 1996.

  • News: Dec. 15 marks the release of EZSurvey 2005! This powerful new release continues the tradition of functionality and ease provided by EZSurvey 2004. New form design aides such as the Import Questions option provide for speedier design, data collection is enhanced by a more secure and much faster compiled CGI, and the new stand-alone EZSurvey Enterprise Mail Server offers more options for invitation, survey email, or other email send-out tasks. New built-in features extend online reports, including new statistics for real-time display. See the EZSurvey page for the free demo, the New Features information, and much else. Please see the screenshots also.

  • News: Oct. 1 marks the world-wide Air Force Climate Survey 2005 start. Six servers across the world receive input from 700,000+ Active, Guard and Reserve members. Server load balancing developed by Raosoft, Inc. routes respondents to the most efficient receiver server at time of entry. This allocation support means that if one server has a glitch, the respondent's entry is re-routed automatically to an active server, and that timeliness is maintained. The process is transparent to the participant.

  • News: Raosoft, Inc. is demonstrating its software at the 26th Annual Conference of the Pacific Northwest Association of Institutional Research and Planning on October 12 - 14, 2005, in Seattle, WA. One of our customers, Clover Park Technical College, will be presenting its applications based on Raosoft software at the same meetings. Please join us if you can at the conference! See the new Academic page on our web site for more information.

  • News: Human Resource Executive, October 2, 2005, p. 14. "Survey: Federal Workers Unhappy with Managers." The responses received from the Office of Personnel Management's new Human Capital Survey indicate that managers should be doing a better job dealing with both poor and top performers. The Human Capital Survey was performed using the Raosoft InterForm software, with the project moving on time and smoothly due to InterForm's broad power and its database management family.

  • News: Federal Computer Week, September 26, 2005. "Feds will have their say through annual surveys." Federal employees are surveyed on questions about employee satisfaction, in order to assess leadership and management practices that contribute to agency performance. Data will be available to give guidance for implementation and policy. Future comparisons will be able to help measure improvements.

  • News: Federal Computer Week, May 23, 2005. "Feds happy with their workplaces." The 2004 OPM Human Capital Survey measures 150,000 federal workers! This 2004 version is the second iteration of the biennial government-wide all agency sampling on issues considered most vital to the Office of Personnel Management, the overreaching personnel agency of the federal government. Results provide guidance to help target work effort and resources. The 2004 survey indicates that workers are critical of managers, sparking a review to determine causation and discussion of how to improve situations. OPM was able to handle this iteration of the Human Capital Survey on their own, with only limited guidance by Raosoft, due to the complete support that Raosoft InterForm products gave to the process. Click "Feds happy with their workplaces" to read the article.

    See also the additional article in Federal Computer Week, May 30, 2005 issue, p. 36, "Benefits count for feds," to read more detail about the results on workplace benefits that were covered by the Human Capital Survey. Satisfaction with benefits varied widely.

  • Army Times, Nov. 22, 2004. "Survey seeks soldier input on training." The Army Research Institute has fielded its biggest job survey ever, to provide guidance for the U.S. Army training schools to revamp their training in basic skills in order to improve combat readiness. Raosoft, Inc. has developed new software routines to support the types of data and provide the kind of security protection and robustness needed for collection of the information. Initially intended only for those returning from deployment in Iraq, the web-based survey project has been extended to cover all active, National Guard and Army Reserve. The total population exceeds 1 million. It is the largest web-based survey that ARI has ever implemented.

    Army leaders want to confirm the relevance of "common tasks," the basic skills taught, plus introduce new training to reflect the needs of the current operational structure and the Army's changing force structure. The intent, of course, is to improve combat effectiveness while reducing casualties. The informatiion will help provide soldiers with the right skills at the right time to do the job right.

    Raosoft, Inc. is currently working on the final report format for the ARI, extending query capacities and evolving new displays. The reports are highly sophisticated since the huge dataset allows examination of categories and relationships never before possible. Click "Survey seeks soldier input on training" to read the article.

  • EWeek, Oct 4, 2004. "Surveys Boost Satisfaction" The Air Force Inspection Agency relies on EZSurvey Pro to assess mission capabilities and resource management. They use surveys to measure everything from air crew protection to the level of fatigue of shift workers on duty. With response rates of 80 to 90 percent, Capt. Pena says, "The tool and the data resulting from questionnaires are valuable to senior leaders who make management decisions." EWeek lauds EZSurvey's security features, openness, and performance. The accompanying review, "Getting a Good Response," summarizes "this Web survey product effectively meets the needs of enterprise users" with its high functionality. The article notes that the cost of the EZSurvey family suite, including advanced reporting capacity, is considerably lower cost than competing software. EWeek also appreciated the ability of Raosoft EZReport to quickly slice, dice, and analyze data. Click "Surveys Boost Satisfaction" to read the review.

  • News: EZSurvey 2004 Service Release 1 is released! See the innovative new Active Preview window!

  • Government Computer News , May 3, 2004. "Army schools automate surveys." The Army gets unified assessment for its 29 TRADOC schools. Raosoft, Inc. has developed the AUTOGEN software for the Army Reseach Institute, who provides it to the Army training schools. The schools are able to carry out their own Job Analysis surveys and Training Evaluation surveys now. They use built-in standard questions and responses and are also able to create their own questions through a sophisticated wizard. AUTOGEN guides the data collection by multiple methods: web, LAN, or diskette. The reporting is automated and easy to use. It allows querying and has many options. AUTOGEN has become mandatory in the schools because of its remarkable productivity. Click "Army schools automate surveys" to read the article!

  • News: EZReport version 2004 is released!

  • Raosoft, Inc. will be exhibiting at the ASTD 2004 International Conference & Exposition trade show, Washington Convention Center, Washington DC, May 24-26. We invite you to attend this Training show and to visit us at Booth #1911. Click here for a courtesy guest pass to the EXPO area.

  • News: EZSurvey version 2004 is released!

  • Government Computer News , Feb 17, 2004. "Air Force tracks work online." The PERSLOAD application has become an operational mainstay for decision-making. With Raosoft's powerful web based software, the Air Force is able to customize and collect continuous data for a complex personnel application. With a unique interactive design, the participants are guided through their entry. Management in real time views reports that allow changes in personnel allocation for work force improvement. Raosoft's robust database allows them to collect data at great speeds even with a massive number of hits to the survey! Click here to read the article!

  • A new, free, online sample size calculator for 2004. Learn what sample size you need to obtain for your survey, or calculate Margin of Error or Confidence levels. This is the Sample Size option that has been embedded in the Raosoft SurveyWin product for many years, used over and over by customers there, and is now provided to you by Raosoft without charge. Raosoft, Inc. was the first firm in the world to provide interactive sample size determination and hypothesies testing: This capability was in the first DOS version that came out in November, 1991!.

  • News: Launched on Time! The world-wide Air Force Climate Survey launched Oct. 1, 2003 successfully across the world, to the Air Force, Air Force National Guard and Air Force Reserves. This will be an extremely large survey, with a population of approximately 750,000. As always, it features a sophisticated administration module so that participants are easily provided for, and so that local reports are easily obtained. Server support technology is new and special software helps to automate file movement. The survey form itself is even easier to use and move through, to save participants time.

  • Federal Computer Week , Aug 15, 2003. "Air Force study shifts jobs." The Air Force dramatically improves its personnel allocation with powerful web based Raosoft software. Gathering data through continuous collection, the Air Force has received results already that have allowed about 3,700 job positions to be moved to improve work loads. Not only are data seamlessly collected over the web, but sophisticated reports are also available from dynamic HTML pages, for different administrative levels. The new data is able to drive more informed resource decisions for both top-level staff and local commanders. Click here to read the article!

  • News: The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has completed their long planned corporate site purchase for Raosoft software this month. They have used our Raosoft software for automated training evaluations for several years, and now have expanded to a full site license for the general Navy, because of their satisfaction with our robust software and the productivity it has brought them. They will be using a combination of our EZSurvey for the Internet survey software for web-based data collection with our SurveyWin (diskette, notebook, LAN and paper) distribution software, for many different types of applications.

  • EZSurvey for Handhelds! Palm, XP, Pocket PC, and Windows CE are supported. You may author surveys easily now with EZSurvey for use on efficent mobile handhelds.

  • Government Computer News , May 6, 2002, Vol.21 No.10. "Instant Feedback." The Technology Section highlights the new Air Force Chief of Staff world-wide personnel feedback review, just completed. This extensive article describes some of the new innovation in both form and collection design, and discusses some of the web-based reporting capacity. This is the third fielding of the Chief of Staff survey, each time powered smoothly and successfully by Raosoft, Inc. software. Click here to read the article!

  • Federal Computer Week , Feb. 4, 2002, pp. 28,30. "Air Force surveys workforce." This Federal Computer Week issue interviews the Air Force staff to learn about their powerful application, the Chief of Staff Organizational Climate review, powered by Raosoft, Inc. software. New technology improves secure data collection that can gather from 400,000+ participants, and provides a new advanced administration and tracking module and also advanced web-based reporting. Efficiency and timeliness is available in a way never before possible plus comparison with past years' data is now possible! Click here to read the article!

  • Federal Computer Week, Sept. 3, 2001. "DOE lab gets results with Web-based survey" showcases the use of InterForm in the Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory's employee organizational climate survey. Now web-based for the second year, this time with a 10% increase. In addition, web-based reports provide the results to the managers and departments. Click here to read the article and click here for more information about InterForm.

  • Government Computer News, March 19, 2001, pp. 35 and 42. "Paperless Polling" describes EZSurvey 2000 for the Internet in two valuable case studies: On web site usage within the U.S. Department of Transportation and on email applications within the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Federal Computer Week, October 23, 2000, "Web surveys made EZ" explains some of the powerful new features of EZSurvey 2000 for the Internet and includes an interview on its high productivity with a Department of Transportation spokesman.

  • The highly innovative EZSurvey 2000 has been released! See the EZSurvey page for more details.

  • Government Computer News, August 14, 2000, p. 37, "Lab's online survey nets double the average response rate" describes the use of InterForm in a case study of the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory. They customized the form to be very inviting, and the response rate rose to more than twice previously. Click here to read the article and click here for more information about InterForm.

  • Federal Computer Week, August 7, 2000 "What workers don't know" is an extensive description of multiple case study applications powered by EZSurvey. Click here to read the article and click here for more information about EZSurvey for the Internet.

  • EZSurvey Pro newsletter 17 JUL, 2000.

  • The Kleper Report gives a factual review of EZSurvey 99 for the Internet and SURVEYWin in the May/June 2000 issue. You can find their reviews at their website

  • SurveyWin 4.2 has been released! See the SurveyWin page for more details.

  • Government Computer News, January 24, 2000, p. 33-34, "Web helps ease AF Workload, Survey team uses forms tool for questionnaire to assess staff perceptions" provides a case study of InterForm in the largest survey ever successfully accomplished by any program. This U.S. Air Force powerful and productive application gave ease and timeliness of web usage for both participants and administrators. Click here to read the article yourself.

  • PC Magazine, January 4, 2000, p. 66,"First Looks: EZSurvey Gets a Face-Lift" gives a fine description of the new features and abilities of EZSurvey® 99 for the Internet.

  • PC Magazine, February 8, 2000, pp. 164-178, (January 08 in the online version) "What are they thinking?" In a highly favorable review, EZSurvey is defined as: "It's easy enough for the advanced beginner and also offers an unusual number of powerful features." For the website, "EZSurvey distinguishes itself from all the other products by the extent of its ability to control and validate survey entries." In regard to email messages, "...EZSurvey does an especially good job of making bulk mailing and e-mail data collection easy." By the way, EZSurvey does let you display questions in tabular format.

  • Government Computer News, October 11, 1999, p. 33, "EZSurvey99 assembles data collected via Web and intranets" tells you about exciting new features in EZSurvey99 with several screenshots for display.

  • Raosoft will soon release InterForm®, the "Big brother" to EZSurvey99, for very complex or large applications. The number of questions and number of records are unlimited. This is the equivalent of the SurveyWin authoring system for the Web. Click here for more information.

  • Web hosting services are now available, click here for more details!

  • Law Office Technology, April/May, 1999, Vol. 2 No. 5, p.5. Their reviewer concluded, "Two of the best survey tools now on the market come from Raosoft, Inc...SurveyWin offers elegant 'point and click' form design, as well as sophisticated automated data analysis...Raosoft's EZSurvey...enables the distribution of text-based questionnaires over the Internet, intranets or any standard email system. EZSurvey will also post a questionnaire on a Web site..."

  • Site design: Since we redesigned our web site, we've received a number of comments from viewers like you. The responses are highly polarized: we saw adjectives ranging from "beautiful" to "ugly" and from "streamlined" to "cluttered." We also noticed that a number of you thought that the feedback form on the main page was really neat. To learn about how to do that, go to EZSurvey tips and tricks.

  • January 11, 1999, "Software Enables Easy Web Surveys"...Raosoft EZSurvey wins the highest ranking in a comparison review in the Federal Computer Week web survey article!

  • PC Computing gives 4 stars to EZSurvey 98 for the Internet in its November 1998 issue!
    See our press list for more information!

  • New press releases: Press releases for SURVEYWin 4.0 and Raosoft EZReport 4.0 are available in PDF and HTML for your convenience. Screenshots are available via the links on our home page.

  • Training availability: The Raosoft Institute is new and ready to serve you with training services! Choose between classes on Software Training and Survey Processes. The Survey Process class teaches you how to plan and implement a successful survey. Both classes can hold up to 10 participants and are available at your site or in Seattle and Washington, DC at Raosoft offices. The standard classes are three days in length, but can vary with your needs and can be customized as well. Call us for more information.

  • PC Magazine has an article on page 73 of the January 6, 1998 edition covering EZSurvey.

  • A case study of a Veteran's Affairs Department office's use of SurveyWin with electronic collection is featured on page 58 of the September 8, 1997 GCN publication. See our press exposure list for more info.

  • PC World magazine features a review of SURVEYWin's surveying and polling ability in the July 1997 issue. Check out SurveyWin: An Easy Way to Poll on page 92.

  • A Computer Shopper article gives a comprehensive review of SURVEYWin 3.0 on page 469 in the November 1996 issue.

  • The PC Week magazine (for the week of Sept. 23, 1996) features an article that describes Raosoft's electronic collection power through an interview with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Page #8 tells it all!

  • The Navy has saved $100,000's and gained instant reporting capability all using our powerful SURVEY software. Read about in GCN Desktop Computing (Aug. 26, 1996).

  • Raosoft, Inc. is now certified as a minority owned company. Federal government customers may purchase Raosoft, Inc. software on a sole-source basis. To establish a contract for Raosoft software call us @(206)-525-4025 or call our SBA (Small Business Administration) contact, Gary Trujillo in Washington state @(206)-553-7346.

  • Employment opportunities at Raosoft, Inc.

  • All Raosoft, Inc. software supports dates accurately up to the year 9999.

  • In 1997, Raosoft UAdmin 2.7 was used to collect data from 600,000 people.

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