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InterForm®, a web survey software tool, is an enterprise level web-based database engine for application development. It is the most powerful online survey software on the market, and is relied on for many high-end military and government web survey data gathering tasks. InterForm is specially designed to generate complex or very long web surveys and questionnaire forms, and to support large-scale web surveys and data collection. InterForm is also able to produce an executable version for diskette distribution if wanted. With the InterForm family of products, you may create HTML reports and automate their presentation throughout the organization.

The InterForm Family of Products:

  1. InterForm Questionnaire form generator.
    1. Distribute over the web (.cgi) or in stand alone executable (.exe) format.
    2. Description and pricing
    3. More information (Sample web surveys, Screenshots, Walkthroughs, News articles)
    4. New Applications of InterForm

  2. WebDownload A .cgi program that runs on the web server to allow database download on demand from web surveys. This application will zip the database on the server and download it through your browser (via http). The program allows off-site access to downloading data with multi tiered access restriction. WebDownload allows for safe downloading of data from the web server while data collection from the web survey or form is ongoing.

  3. WebCounts This .cgi program will create reports in real time for administration purposes while running a web survey. You may monitor and track respondents by creating frequency data reports. You may view data in spreadsheet format if wanted. More on WebCounts.

  4. WebTools Webtools is a database management tool for InterForm web surveys and forms. It allows users to:
    • Combine data files from multiple surveys
    • View and delete cases inside InterForm data files
    • Export Inter Form data files to ASCII, SPSS, or Excel format
    • Retrieve a list of respondents that have yet to start or finish a survey (when used with WebCounts)

  5. WebReport This application reports on individual or grouped web survey questions in detailed, preformatted table and bar graph format. WebReport can also be tailored to produce reports based on your company's requirements. More on WebReport.

  6. Integrated Applications We are specialists in the integration of our products to produce new applications that have power and robustness, and produce a high return on investment to the customer. Web surveys and questionnaires combined with web reports provide a new data transparency and immediacy to better guide decision makers. Research and development project case studies.

InterForm's key features are
  • Unlimited questions, logic and respondents.
  • Greater ability to customize the screen display
  • More validation options
  • If-then-error conditions
  • If-then-show questions, text and button conditions
  • Extensive automatic tabling formatting
  • Comment categorization
  • The ability to pre-populate survey data from an outside data source based on a respondent's answer to a question
  • The potential for adding new features for client adaptation, when funded by the customer
  • Special support for database collection for very large populations
  • Plus, it has the potential to be integrated into a specialized data collection application

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