InterForm New Applications:

Laboratory Factual Data Collection
  InterForm is the perfect application to collect factual data when dependability is key. InterForm allows you to create easy to use factual data collection forms to collect data in a reliable and robust manner.
Click here for a example survey of a Laboratory Factual Data Collection
Household Data Gathering/Inventory Data Gathering
  InterForm can now support multiple entries for each UserID. InterForm now allows the addition of new key variables to a project's database. This capability means that InterForm data collection forms can now be used for gathering data for:
  • Household Data Gathering, where each member of a household answers a series of questions.
  • Product Inventories at multiple locations
  • Other similar iterative-type applications!
The operative 'Select Case' feature allows form developers to select a question or series of questions in the instrument to act as key variables. These new key variables are used to define a new case in the database for each 'unique' set of data.

After logging into a survey, respondents can add a new case by answering a question or series of questions. These question-types can include write-in texts, radio button and list box inputs. Some examples of questions might be Product Name, Family Member, etc. For each unique occurrence of these variables, a new case will be added to the database.

In addition to the key variables, each case can include non-unique variables. These variables are repeated for each 'case' but are not used as key variables. These variables can be of any question type and can include any specific data that the data collection project requires.

Each new case can be edited if desired by logging into the UserID and selecting an existing case.

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