Web survey software tools for enterprise online data collection and reporting, used by major corporations, governments, and NGOs throughout the world.

SurveyWin is survey software that creates and handles surveys and paper forms that can run as standalone Windows programs and communicate with a central database through email or a LAN/WAN. Combined with the UFill.exe program, SurveyWin can gather information from online surveys using diskette or network LAN send-out, or act as a stand-alone kiosk, or provide for scripted call-outs. Laptop online surveys are also a popular method for gathering information. SurveyWin is used for all types of surveys, questionnaires and feedback, from training evaluation surveys to employee surveys to customer satisfaction surveys. It is a proven, robust program first introduced in 1996 and since used for many thousands of valued surveys and diverse applications. The SurveyEntry module will add on data entry and call-out capacity if wanted.

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About SurveyWin

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How to get SurveyWin

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Optional Files
These are additional sample files of surveys and forms and are not required to run the SurveyWin demo.
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Installing files

When you download the demo or the upgrade, save the file to a temporary directory on your hard drive. Then, run the file you just downloaded. If you already have SurveyWin installed, the install program will try to replace the old version.

EZReport and SurveyWin Analysis Report Examples

SurveyWin and EZReport contain the same data analysis and reporting engine for surveys and questionnaire-type data.

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