Below are thumbnail images of reports that were created with Raosoft SURVEYWin Analysis and EZReport. You can click on an image below to see a larger image or you can click here and download a zip file containing all of the reports.

Single Variable
Single Variable
Single Variable

Multiple Variable

Grouped Questions

Multiple Weighted

Stacked Bar

Pivoted Stack Bar

Gap Analysis 3-D

Gap Analysis 2-D

Custom Data

Single Variable

Group Table

Summary Pareto

Weighted Questions

Trend Analysis - 1

Trend Analysis - 2

Comment Processing

Special Bar Chart - 1

Special Bar Chart - 2

Special Chart Instructions

Below are a few images of the EZReport 2007 new features.
Query and Crosstabulation options
Comment Analysis
Crosstab and Query

Comment Analysis
Setup for

Crosstab and Query Results

Comment Metrics

Count Responses

Count Responses
Setup for Example

Response Count in
Finished Report