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Raosoft RapidReport: Multiple reports in an instant from Raosoft survey software!

Raosoft RapidReport provides default instant analysis and reporting templates with great speed for data gathered with Raosoft online survey software. The results of your questions and variables will be displayed in the template's format immediately. You may see the results of your survey questions with one click! You have many options to customize the template also.


Quick and easy to use, since RapidReport makes repetitive graphics for you.

Opens data created by Raosoft EZSurvey, SurveyWin and InterForm. Available from within EZSurvey, so there is no need to leave the EZSurvey program.

Creates a set of default reports. The responses to each question are displayed as bar or pie charts with appropriate page numbers and texts.

Sorts the questions.

Aggregates rating scales, to join, e.g. all positives or all negatives.

Imprints default date and time stamps.

You may customize the graphs: Change size/position/colors, add/remove text, change to a pie chart (2-D or 3-D chart) or table, delete unwanted graphs.

Lets you preset a group of questions (e.g. demographic questions) to display on the charts (currently functional in InterForm and for later addition to EZSurvey and SurveyWin).

Within EZSurvey, SurveyWin, and InterForm the questions can be put into Groups of questions. Then RapidReport can create graphs which are summaries of these categories of questions (currently functional in InterForm and for later addition to EZSurvey and SurveyWin).

Do a simple query to show a breakdown for a question (e.g. how many Males vs. how many Females approve of their leadership). These query groups are pre-made using the form authoring tool.

Provides an export summary.

Individual graphs or pages can be: Printed out, copied to the clipboard or pasted into MS Word or PowerPoint. The entire set of graphs can be saved in PDF format (in full color) for web distribution.

RapidReport has been developed to be a speedy end user report writer for EZSurvey for the Internet, SurveyWin, and InterForm. Non-experts and experts can easily and quickly gain the results of their surveys and data collection projects. Raosoft EZReport is the advanced report writer, with RapidReport for end users who want fast or repetitive output in preset fashion. The templates of RapidReport can be accessed through EZSurvey, or through EZReport if the templates are wanted by the EZReport user, or can be used as a stand alone reporting tool. To build new templates for RapidReport, if wanted, you may use SurveyWin, EZSurvey for the Internet or InterForm.

Reports are made easy for administrators of web surveys and other surveys.

We recommend EZReport plus RapidReport for organizations interested in empowering end users of varying technical backgrounds with reporting capacity. For enterprise wide usage, RapidReport opens new capacity for non-experts. For advanced users, the EZReport program gives advanced analyses and querying functionality (see Analysis Features). EZReport accesses the easy templates of RapidReport.

Price: RapidReport $199 add-on, stand-alone or network server. $199 network user license. Raosoft EZReport $299, stand-alone or network server. $149 network user license.

Click here to download a RapidReport demo.
See RapidReport sample reports.

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