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Web Tips

Editing EZSurvey files in HTML editors

EZSurvey can edit web surveys and forms directly, since the EZF file format is based on HTML. When doing so, EZSurvey will preserve all formatting and text outside of the <FORM> section of the HTML file. Everything within the survey form section will be replaced by the changes you make in EZSurvey.

File permissions

In order to run survey forms on your web server, you need to have directory permissions set correctly. Usually, web servers are set up this way by default. Your scripts directory should have only Execute Scripts permission. This will ensure the maximum security of your web site.

No-submit-button forms

To make a form without a Submit button (like the one on the main Raosoft page), you need to edit the HTML file that is generated by EZSurvey. Each multiple-choice response in the HTML file gets an <INPUT> tag. On the last question, add the F.submit() command to the onClick entry so that the HTML code looks like this:

Remember, this requires a JavaScript-enabled browser!

Returning responses through email

If you cannot place scripts on your web server, you may check the Return responses via email option when you generate the web page. Try the form out with a few different computers before you ask people to answer your survey. Beware: not all web browsers can submit survey forms via email.