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Introduction: Raosoft survey development and reporting tools are written with open standard components for quick and efficient use. The heart of our products is the JSDB® language which is a specialized database manupilation language within the context of the Java langauge. The result is a very dynamic capability to develop component modules to add new features and capabilities to an already recognized Internet survey software suite.

JSDB® is a JavaScript shell designed with network-centric programming in mind. It can be used as a database interface, XML processor, and internet-oriented scripting language. JSDB can do nearly any batch processing task that Visual Basic can do, and it has drivers to let you read and send email, query an Oracle database, and run regular expression searches, without having to learn a specific SQL syntax or install a bunch of ActiveX components.

This flexible architecture allows advanced computer users to go further, with an abundance of options for online reporting, customized validation, presentation stylesheets, and integration with your existing databases. Our developed open-source specialilty component modules (i.e., plug-ins) allow EZSurvey and EZReport to adapt to your enterprise, not vice versa.

Raosoft's developers have provided speciality developed plugins to handle a wide range of survey development and reporting issues. Such development is based upon the needs of our using community. We provide these either as components of our products without cost, or a special price due to the nature of the development.


  1. EZSurvey® mobile (notebook/tablet/portable PC) modules
  2. EZSurvey® Sorted Comment Report Plugin
  3. EZReport® WorkGroup Server
  4. Review included plugins
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Do you need a special function? Is there a functionality that is critical to your requirements? In many cases we can quickly develop a plugin that addresses your specific need without a lengthly development process. JSDB is very flexible in implementing a needed functionality to either EZSurvey or EZReport. Many of the existing plugins were completed in this manner, and are available to the entire user community.

Development costs vary as to complexity and timeline for delivery. For those complex and demanding functions we will provide you with a quotation for the time and services necessary to produce a working and tested plugin. Our programming support hours are established and listed here.

We at Raosoft want you to get up and running quickly so that you will be successful. If you would like to talk to us about a Raosoft product or place an order, call 206-525-4025 or send email.


  1. EZSurvey® mobile (notebook/tablet/portable PC) modules
  2. EZSurvey® Sorted Comment Report Plugin
  3. EZReport® WorkGroup Server
  4. Raosoft development pricing of a speciality component module (plugin)for your product.

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