EZReport Workgroup Server - Automated Report Generation

Imagine the power of a user-friendly report generator providing a data mining application! With EZReport Workgroup Server - once you have developed a report it becomes available online in dynamic PDF format. Users can view the report, apply pre-defined queries, and print/save through their desktop PDF viewer.

Why do I need an EZReport Workgroup Server?

  1. Are you struggling to provide current reports?
    • Automatically generates dynamic PDF files for instant review and printing.
    • No more distribution or printing delays!
  • Are you trying to offer better reporting services?
    • Create a standard report template.
    • With your predefined queries - allow the user to vary the report NOT the data
  • Are you trying to find the "end-all" solution to your problem?
    • EZReport is easy to use!
      • For the user!
        • The user accesses the EZReport Workgroup Server with a web browser and Adobe PDF reader.
        • Multiple reports and views are available with a menu selection!
      • For the analyst!
        • Is recognized as a strong and powerful reporting tool.
        • Easy to learn!
        • Works with multiple databases.
        • Includes a powerful scripting capability.
        • Has ODBC support for those large applications!
        • With EZReport Workgroup Server - is Web-enabled
    • EZReport is affordable!
  • What does it look like to the user?

    1. Opening the URL to the Workgroup Server.

      A simple but neat display opens!

    2. Selecting the default view ("All Records") of a report.

      In this example the report on the DSS Survey

    3. Selecting the specific query-based view of a report.

      In this example the Male-only report view has been selected.

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