Scanning Information

Does EZSurvey or SURVEYWin do the actual scanning? They do not do the scanning itself. You need scanner software and scanner hardware. The scanner software will read in your marked sheets and compile the data in either DBF or ASCII format, which EZSurvey or SURVEYWin can then read and import into an EZSurvey or SURVEYWin data file. You will do your data analysis in EZReport or SURVEYWin.
Can I use multiple collection methods? You may combine these scanned data records with data you obtain electronically through use of Raosoft EZSurvey or Raosoft UFill (the runtime program). In other words, EZSurvey and SURVEYWin let you have multiple methods of data collection for the same project and you may append the data together.
Which scanner and scanner software should I buy? Raosoft software will work with all standard databases. OMR and OCR scanners and software all produce ASCII or DBF data diles.

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