Web survey software tools for enterprise online data collection and reporting, used by major corporations, governments, and NGOs throughout the world.

Raosoft, Inc. produces EZSurvey for the Internet, InterForm, SurveyWin, EZReport and Rapid Report innovative survey software programs for information gathering and analysis. The family of survey software supports data collection and reporting for any form-based data. Support is for web-surveys and forms, email distribution, diskette,PDA, laptop or pen-based: all types of distribution. Click here to see magazine articles about Raosoft's software.

Government purchasers

The GSA has given Raosoft, Inc. an outstanding Administrative Report Card two years in a row! Raosoft is certified as a small business minority owned company under the Small Business Administration 8(a) program and has its own GSA schedule.

Order select products online with GSA Advantage! Federal government customers may also purchase Raosoft software on a sole-source basis. To establish an 8(a) contract for Raosoft software call us at 206-525-4025 or call our SBA (Small Business Administration) contact, Gary Trujillo in Washington State at 206-553-7346.

Let's do the numbers

  • Fed tax id: 91-1519066
  • WA State UBI: 601-311-551
  • DUNS (D&B): 17-537-3182
  • CAGE: 0UD66 (zero-u-d-six-six)
  • GSA schedule: GS-35F-0373J
  • ZIP: 98115-7942
  • Tel: 206-525-4025
  • Fax: 206-525-4947
  • email: raosoft@raosoft.com
  • web: http://www.raosoft.com
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Raosoft, Inc.
6645 NE Windermere Road
Seattle, WA 98115
Ph:  (206) 525-4025
Fax: (206) 525-4947
E-mail: raosoft@raosoft.com

A Letter from the Founders of Raosoft, Inc.

Raosoft, Inc. is dedicated to providing innovative programs that improve the productivity of our customers. Our primary intent is to help you be successful in your tasks. Our goal for our software is to provide database programs for surveys and forms that reduce your work and give you new insight potential, delivered inside an inviting and easy to use working environment, and explained by clear and concise help screens and documentation. Without outside assistance, non-experts can now gather and interpret their own data - turning their facts into valuable information. Programs and policies need a foundation of factual data, and the data must be collected and then interpreted.

Raosoft EZSurvey for the Internet and SurveyWin were developed in cooperation with our many customers, since 1991 when we began. We asked, "How can those handling data reduce entry and analysis time? What features do you need?" In response to our user input, EZSurvey was developed to provide for internet data gathering, both web survey collection and email. SurveyWin provides an exciting array of features, including an online entry system useful for telephone or in-person interviewing, electronic 'paperless' entry options, instant statistics for evaluation, and many more. Together, the products give users swift new insights into their work on surveys and other areas.

The background of Dr. Rao is in academics at the University of Washington, where he developed imaginative computer programs for work in the academic community. His Ph.D. is from the University of Chicago, Dept. of Economics, where he absorbed the "Chicago School" respect for quantitative analyses of data as the basis for sound decision-making. Catherine McDole Rao comes from the economic consulting arenas, where she learned first hand the need for efficient and user-friendly programs in applied research. Both are convinced of the superiority of user-driven software development.

Raosoft, Inc. produces new kinds of programs for users of all levels; the software data collection is based on a database with statistics capacity for evaluation and interpretation of survey and form-type data. You can support training, measure customer opinion, monitor work progress, automate forms, maintain your inventories, and build tracking systems, plus much more - by yourself. The newer family programs of InterForm (advanced web-survey application development), and EZReport and Rapid Report (customized reporting) continue the tradition of combining productive electronic entry with the ability to analyze the data.

Privacy policy

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Raosoft periodically sends email to its customers. You may update your email address and contact information by emailing our sales office. Raosoft does not sell its customer lists.

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