Raosoft, Inc. Product and Sales Information:

How to buy Raosoft, Inc. software

  • Call us at 206-525-4025
  • Fax a note to 206-525-4947
  • Send email to raosoft@raosoft.com> and we'll call you.
  • Download the order form and fax or mail it
  • Sole source through the 8a program (call for info)
  • GSA schedule through Software Spectrum (call for info)

We accept checks, POs, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, money orders, wire transfers (call for info), COD, and cash (if you drop by our office). Raosoft, Inc. is certified as a minority owned company. Federal government customers may purchase Raosoft, Inc. software on a sole-source basis. To establish a contract for Raosoft software call 206-525-4025 or call our SBA (Small Business Administration) contact, Gary Trujillo in Washington State at 206-553-7346.

Do you want to order right now? If so, you can get the The Survey Research Handbook free when you buy SurveyWin from the QSoft catalog at 1-800-669-9701.

We have 2 emerging families of products, SurveyWin and InterForm. They are compatible, however they behave very differently.

The SurveyWin family is based around flexible forms and interactive data analysis. With SurveyWin, you can create a smart electronic form to gather complex information electronically. You can send out secure electronic forms on disks, through email, and over a computer network. Large organizations can design distributed informaton gathering and reporting systems with SurveyWin. Small workgroups can build sophisticated forms to make routine data gathering more efficient and cost-effective.

The InterForm family, which includes EZSurvey, is for managing data over the Internet. EZSurvey can create web and email surveys with limited data validation and scripting. EZSurvey does quick data analysis and can share data files with SurveyWin. InterForm, still under development, links web pages to databases, with both on-line publishing and powerful web forms.