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"Your software is one of the few that lives up to expectations and then goes beyond."

-- Training Director

"There are many stat packages in the market. But EZReport is the only one that provides stats the way you want to see them. I could tell that for the first time a statistician actually did the programming, rather than a programmer writing the statistics. The displays are just the way our end users want to see them."

-- Corporate customer

"EZReport has statistical features that enabled us to slice and dice data, and, in fact, it offered some of the best functionality in this area of all the products we tested. And it's not like the product's $299 will break the bank."

-- EWeek, 4 Oct, 2004

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Raosoft EZReport is an innovative and sophisticated analysis and reports software tool for both novices and experts, optimized to produce custom business analysis and graphics from a database. EZReport is available as an add-on to our online survey software EZSurvey, InterForm, and SurveyWin, or as a stand-alone program. It is developed specifically for data from surveys and survey-type data. Use EZReport to produce your reports with presentation quality!

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The EZSurvey Analysis and SurveyWin Analysis are a subset of EZReport. EZReport has more options and advanced features, such as customization, correlation, regression, and hypothesis testing. You can see the EZSurvey Analysis and SurveyWin Analysis in their demos.


RapidReport generates reports for all questions with one click to instantly create presentation quality reports. RapidReport is an add-on to EZSurvey or SurveyWin. It is usually purchased at the same time as EZReport. RapidReport offers the added value of being able to work with report templates created in EZReport -- an efficient way of producing repetitive reports without requiring authoring knowledge by the end user.


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