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Advantages of online forms

Web-based surveys and forms have advantages to both survey administrators and respondents.

  • Save time and money - by switching from paper to online forms

  • Branching - Provides smooth transitions to appropriate questions. Branching allows respondents to seamlessly skip past questions that do not apply to them. Branching also prevents confusion and lost time viewing inapplicable questions, reduces entry error, and saves printing and distribution costs on pages that won't be filled out.

  • Improved accuracy from validation - Validated, guided answers prevent errors and provide accurate data back that doesn't need cleansing. Also, respondents are saved from "puzzling" over what is wanted.

  • Timeliness of Results - The data is immediately available, and results can be monitored even while the project is ongoing. Analysis and reports are available with a new timeliness. Additionally, for applicable projects it is possible to track when the percent results stop changing, which indicates that a representative sample has been collected.

  • Increase response rates - Since electronic and web-based surveys and forms are easier to fill out than paper, response rates normally improve. Reminder notices sent to non-responders can increase rates dramatically.

  • Give your customers and associates a good impression of your company. - Web surveys and forms are seen as modern and efficient. It is simple to make a visually pleasing layout and carry through a common theme. Quickly build attractive, colorful web surveys that are inviting to participants.

  • Longer forms - Adding additional questions to an online or web survey or form only takes a few minutes to write. Adding more pages to a paper form can increase use of paper and require more postage. Length is less of an issue to respondents because of the interactive nature of electronic forms, plus the forbidding initial impact of a long paper form is removed.

  • Edit and Modify - Online and web-survey forms can be easily modified as changes are needed, or to make data entry more clear to participants. For example, explanation text and instructions can be added easily. Outdated surveys and forms don't need to be thrown out.

  • Reduce time to fill out - Clicking is faster than writing, and responses can be changed without erasing so each respondent saves valuable work time. Use the Save and Re-enter function to resume work at a later time where you left off.

  • Accessibility - Distribution via web access and email is easy. Web surveys and forms can be accessed from any computer with web access.

  • Access Restriction - Limit data entry to those specified.

  • Eliminate paper and printing costs. - Never run out of surveys and forms and need to print more. Adding color doesn't increase costs.

  • Eliminate mailing - and easily send reminders to those people that have not yet given their feedback.

  • Eliminate data entry from paper - since all data is already in a database, there is no costly re-typing to be done. Analysis can begin immediately.

  • Eliminate disposal of paper - good for the environment as well as saving money.

  • Respondent Feedback - When customers have included the question in their forms "Next time, do you want to fill out the form electronically or on paper?" approximately 95% of respondents choose electronic.

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