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Download EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet Demo

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The demo is similar to the full program, but limited to working with small databases, and the bulk email feature is disabled. Please visit this site for the most up to date demo.

Notice: This software is licensed to you for evaluation purposes only. Any sale or distribution of the included software (including the CGI scripts) is strictly prohibited. You are permitted to install web forms generated with the demo on only one computer, and use them for testing purposes only. For business or professional usage, a license for the software must be purchased. By downloading the demo, you agree to accept the restrictions listed above.

We ask for your name and contact information so that we know who downloads our software. We do not share this with any other company.

Be sure to have these with you while you review the demo:

With the Demo, you will also get a few .EZF forms to preview. If you want to see some of our on-line surveys, click on Samples

If you are using Microsoft Window 98 which does not support Unicode, the earlier EZSurvey 2002d version will suit your needs. Please contact Raosoft, Inc to request the non-Unicode version of EZSurvey. Click here to request information.

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