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Raosoft SurveyTools is a powerful collection of more than 15 utilities for database and file management of your survey data gathered with Raosoft online survey software. You may clean your database, remove inadvertent errors in data entry, and correct data handling or design mistakes. You may recode data to change data sets, sort and view your data, and export and import with great power and flexibility. Merge any data sets with a common field name or query out subsets for separate distribution and analysis. You may easily append multiple project files. SurveyTools was designed to allow both novices and experts to manage their survey software database files. You may combine easily data that has been gathered through different collection media by Raosoft's survey software authoring programs, EZSurvey for the Internet, InterForm and SurveyWin.

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      Create an Empty Database
View cases in a database (by question, by case)
View Database Info (by question)
Use Question Summary (select question, view data)
Use On-line Help


      Serialize Cases (create new questions, use existing questions, remove deleted cases, keep deleted cases)
Recode Data values(by question, by value)
Replace Miscodes (by question)
Replace Blank Data (by width, by question)
Left/Right Justify (all questions, selected questions)
Strip Characters (all questions, selected questions, left/right justify)


      Delete/Restore Cases (all questions, selected questions)
Delete cases with blank data (all questions, selected questions)
Identify duplicate cases based on a single field or multiple fields
Delete duplicate cases (all questions, selected questions)
Restore ALL Deleted Cases (all questions, selected questions)
Remove ALL Deleted Cases
Remove Passwords and Unique Identifiers


       View Comments
Categorize Comments (by question, by category)
Add new categories on the fly


       Import from database (remove deleted cases, rename source database)
Import from ASCII (tab, comma, pipe, by question)
Merge data sets from the same survey, and from different surveys based on a Unique ID
Export to ACSII (tab, comma, pipe, question names in the first row; add a case number; delete special characters; format for date; format for time; by question)
Export to Database (any Raosoft product, keep password, all or selected questions)
Extract samples and subsets from any Raosoft database file (by question, stratify, exclude if question is blank)
Web Comment Triplet (to aggregate comment fields to a common file -- a Raosoft innovation)
Export to SPSS (exports the collection database into a SPSS database file and a SPSS label file for import into SPSS for additional processing -- compliant with the latest SPSS version!).
Form to DOS .SUR


Re-calc (calculation, select case, do not include blank)

SurveyTools is $149 per license, and may be purchased on its own or as part of a package.

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