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Statement of Compliance with Section 508

Raosoft, Inc. is pleased to announce its survey software's compliance with Section 508, accessibility to users with disabilities.
Voluntary Product Accessibility Template

For our EZSurvey and InterForm products: Both are able to meet the standards set by Section 508 because the HTML output that the end user receives is fully accessible to those with disabilities. Additionally, the design of the layout is highly customizable, allowing the designer to follow the guidelines of their agency.

Visually impaired individuals are able to take web surveys created with EZSurvey and InterForm without difficulty. Images can be given alternate text, and web surveys created with our products can be taken using only the keyboard. Users can also adjust their individual browser settings to make the survey text larger when appropriate.

EZSurvey provides a 508 wizard that is a customizable scripted plug-in. The customer can modify the open source code if wanted.

For further information on how HTML meets Section 508 requirements, please go to: http://www.w3.org/WAI/

For our SurveyWin and UFill products: The design layout is fully customizable, so designers are able to meet agency guidelines for layout. Visually impaired individuals are able to take online surveys created without difficulty. The text size is controllable and screen magnification software can be used if wanted. Surveys can be taken by keyboard only, or using the mouse.

The U.S. Department of Education reviewed the accessibility of Raosoft software to determine compliance under Section 508. It determined it to be compliant, concluding it is accessible to persons who are using screen magnification software, accessible to persons with hearing disabilities, and accessible to persons who cannot use a mouse because of mobility disabilities. Sample Government uses include: Small Business Administration constant usage, Office of Personnel Mangement 2004 Government Wide Human Capital Survey, Office of Government Ethics employee surveys, the project GoWeb for the U.S. Army Survey Office.

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