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To order Raosoft survey software products, you may call us, email us your order,
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If you would like to resell Raosoft, Inc. survey software tools, call us at 206-525-4025 or fax 206-525-4947 to request a reseller application. Resellers receive a 10% discount from list prices. Shipping is paid by the reseller. First time resellers must (1) send a fax of their resale certificate and (2) pay by credit card or cash.

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Raosoft, Inc. offers a 30-day guarantee on its products. If not 100% satisfied, return for refund or exchange, excluding shipping costs, 15% restocking fee may apply. Software upgrades are excluded from this guarantee and are not eligible for return.

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We accept checks, POs, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, money orders, wire transfers (call for info), COD, and cash (if you visit our office).


We have two emerging families of survey software products, EZSurvey/InterForm and SurveyWin. While they are compatible they behave very differently.

The family, which includes InterForm, is for collecting, managing and reporting data over the Internet with Web surveys and forms. EZSurvey is the enterprise end user program that can create web surveys and email surveys with data validation, plus branching, and scripting. EZSurvey does quick data analysis and can share data files with SurveyWin. InterForm is the big brother to EZSurvey, with more extensive validation, logic, and powerful branching. It is intended for unusually complex or very long web surveys and forms. InterForm has special design features for very large populations, as well. It is an advanced application developer program for web surveys for those who have some understanding of database structure and as a result is considerably more expensive than EZSurvey.

The SurveyWin family is based around flexible LAN-based forms and data analysis. With SurveyWin, you can create a smart electronic survey form to gather complex information using secure survey forms on disks, through email, and over a computer network. Paper forms are also supported. Large organizations can design distributed information gathering and reporting systems with SurveyWin. Small workgroups can build sophisticated surveys and forms to make routine data gathering more efficient and cost-effective. SurveyWin may be combined with EZSurvey usage to provide multiple data collection methods, sucj as web surveys and diskettes.

All Raosoft, Inc. software supports dates accurately up to the four digit limit [9999 A.D.]

Raosoft, Inc. holds its own GSA schedule. Raosoft, Inc. is also certified as an 8(a) minority owned company, so that federal government customers may purchase Raosoft, Inc. software on a sole-source basis. To establish an 8(a) contract for Raosoft software call 206-525-4025 or call our SBA (Small Business Administration) contact, Gary Trujillo in Washington State at 206-553-7346.

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