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    • EZSurvey for the Internet
      Raosoft EZSurvey for the Internet is powerful software to help you write questionnaires and gather responses by posting on the web or via email. It is easy enough for non-technical end users yet possesses advanced features such as skipping and branching, and data validation options. It is the program of choice for enterprise dispersal through an organization.

      Price: $399.00; Network: $399.00; Extra manuals: $50 each
      Upgrade Price: $199.00 (Plus $50 for each missed version)

      Raosoft EZSurvey Pro, the professional version of EZSurvey, will allow you to gather the information into an ODBC database as well as designing several forms at the same time.

      Price is $1500.00; Network: $750.00; Extra manuals: $50 each

    • InterForm
      InterForm, is a web-based database application developer for automating data gathering and presentation. InterForm is the web version of our SurveyWin and UFill programs, and the big brother of EZSurvey. You have almost unlimited flexibility for form design and selection among validation options. It is the program of choice for very large or very complex questionnaires.

      Pricing is in the vicinity of $20,000 for an authoring license, and $10,000 for additional network user licenses.

    • Raosoft EZReport
      Raosoft EZReport provides for customized reports of the data from EZSurvey for the Internet, SurveyWin and any DBF-type database. Use it to show instant analysis, do calculations and apply formulas to your data, and more! Excellent for both novices and experts.

      Price: $299.00; Network: $149.00; Extra manuals: $35 each; Upgrade: $149.00 (Plus $50 for each missed version)

      Raosoft UReport (Run-time): $595.00 send out license.

    • RapidReport
      Provides an instant default display of results. It can stand alone ore be accesed through EZReport. Price: $199.00; Network: $199.00.

    • SURVEY-Tools
      SURVEY-Tools is a powerful collection of utilities for database management. Included are Match & Replace, Delete Duplicates, Append, Backup and many more utilities.

      Price: $149.00; Upgrade Price: $99.00 (Plus $50 for each missed version)

    • Raosoft SURVEYWin and SURVEY
      This statistical database completely handles LAN-Based, diskette, runtime executables, stand-alone or paper surveys and questionnaires as well as being a general purpose database. Its interface is intuitive. It allows for design, entry, analysis, presentation, and reports. Entry is forms-based and the 1-stroke statistical analysis has presentation graphics. Report-writing is supported. Phone Dial-Out is present. Size is limited only by system capacity. It requires only 4MG memory. Written in C++, SurveyWin is compatible with DBF files, Lotus-type files, ASCII files, Access files and major spreadsheet and word processing programs.

      Price: $495.00; Network: $249.00; Extra manuals $50 each; Upgrade from Survey 2.7 Price: $349.00; Network 2.7 Upgrade: $199.00; Upgrade from SURVEYWin Price: $199.00; Network Upgrade: $149.00
      All Upgrades: Add $50 for each missed version

    • SURVEY-Entry
      This add-on to SURVEY allows extra data entry on networks or stand-alone. It provides data entry, data editing and information retrieval by query. Phone Dial-Out is supported. Analysis is provided by the parent SURVEYWin program.

      Price: $249.00

      A Run-Time program, USURVEY is for network pop-up or disk mail-out. It is for new data entry without editing ability. The disk holds multiple surveys and multiple individuals may answer them. The data is appended and analyzed by the parent Raosoft SurveyWin. It protects confidentiality for employee surveys.

      Price: $395.00 for unlimited send-out license.

    • UFILL
      UFILL is a Run-Time program with data editing as well as data entry, for standard email, network pop-up, or mail-out. The disk holds multiple surveys and multiple individuals may answer them. The SurveyWin program authors, while the executable (.exe) is created by UFill.

      Price: $595.00 for unlimited send-out license.