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Raosoft Online Survey Software Products

Raosoft, Inc. has developed survey and questionnaire-type software since 1991, and has the experience and customer base to provide affordable software that is known for its very high quality, fuctionality, and ease of use. Design features include validation, branching, and more. Extensive security features in the Raosoft, Inc. family of products include confidentiality and access restrictions.

Raosoft® EZSurvey® For the Internet (guided tour with screenshots) (WinNT/200x/XP)

EZSurvey for the Internet is a powerful and easy survey software authoring tool for the quick creation of Web surveys and e-mail feedback questionnaires. Use EZSurvey for all your data collection needs, fast design projects, internal as well as Internet! EZSurvey for the Internet is a new web survey and data collection program that lets you build surveys and questionnaires on a web site or distribute them over the Internet, intranets, or any standard Email system. Design is simple and fast to do, with many automatic wizards. The unique AutoStyle Templates let you try out different look and feel styles on your surveys to speed creation and provide standards. Question validation is powerful, yet affordable. EZSurvey surveys and forms may be posted to any standard web server or web site for data collection. The data entered is automatically compiled into the EZSurvey database, and then you may analyze the data with preconfigured results. You may also use EZReport for more advanced analysis, and RapidReport for instant default, polished reports.

Price: $399, network price: $399 per node (concurrent usage), standard version. Professional version $1500, network price: $750 per node (concurrent usage). Extra manuals for network use: $50 each. Price includes posting on your web server for an unlimited number of respondents. Number of forms is unlimited on the web server as well.

System requirements: Windows NT 4+/200x/XP, 14 MB disk space, 10MB RAM. EZSurvey supports all standard web servers. Database size limited only by system capacity. Networkable, with many confidentiality protection options.

Raosoft SurveyWin (guided tour with screenshots) (Win/Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

Raosoft® SurveyWin® ver. 4.5 supports LAN-based, diskette and paper applications. It is not web-based HTML. It can be deployed on notebooks. It is authored on a PC, an easy-to-use and powerful survey software tool and statistical database designed for novices and experts both. The related SurveyWin products let anyone gather and analyze information on surveys on their own, for networks and single computers. The main SurveyWin program uniquely supports surveys and form-based applications. Beginners are able to create surveys and forms and interpret data with automated statistics, while experts can greatly increase their speed and capacity. Data entry takes no training at all. For networks, there is record locking, plus extensive options for confidentiality protection and access restriction. Also, different surveys and forms may use the same database to minimize upkeep. The product family includes runtime, network, and data entry modules plus Raosoft® EZReport® for custom reports and RapidReport for instant default reports. The add-on program UFill® replaces paper by using network broadcast and mail-out for LAN or diskette surveys. The program SurveyEntry gives phone-out capacity for those polling or doing phone survey research.

Price:$495, network: $249 per node (concurrent usage). Extra manuals for network use: $50 each.

System requirements: The programs run with native versions on Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/200x/XP. Database size limited only by the system capacity. Networkable (record lockout, many confidentiality protection options).

EZSurvey and SurveyWin

EZSurvey for the Internet survey software program is the program that gives you data collection via web surveys and internet/intranet email if that is the distribution method preferred.

SurveyWin survey software program gives you PC and LAN-based data collection, rather than the web. Use it alone for paper, or with its modules for various types of electronic data entry.

Both programs give elegant point & click form design and with EZReport sophisticated, automated analysis. The number of questions (fieldnames) and cases (records) are limited by only the hardware system.

EZSurvey and SurveyWin Special Features

Easy object-oriented design for simple or complex surveys and forms, including such options as skips and branches, calculations, custom help menus, and security features. Guided entry options ensure accurate entry for tasks. Data entry is on a clear and elegant form replica screen. The EZReport software program gives point & click statistics to provide the correct statistics automatically; easy multiple cross tabulations; crosstabs on comments; Pareto graphs; grouping, random sample generation; unique Hypothesis Testing and Sample Size determination options that provide interactive displays (the user can select the parameters); an overview Summary; a detailed but easy-to-use Query. Graphs and tables can be used as clip art.

Includes: The free booklet A Practical Guide to Survey Development.

Program compatibility:

Import and export data in DBF format files, Microsoft Excel, Lotus (WK1 files) and ASCII files (Fixed, comma delimited, or OMR output). Works with all standard network and email systems.The authoring programs can import and export text and data from standard word processors, spreadsheets and databases, and accept scanned-in and faxed data entry.EZSurvey and SurveyWin are written in C++ and export graphics as clip art to Word, WordPerfect,and any other standard word processors as HPGL and EPS.

EZSurvey® Pro for the Internet (WinNT/200x/XP)

EZSurvey Pro for the Internet incorporates all of EZSurvey, and adds power features for the enterprise. Connect directly to ODBC databases (MS, Oracle,Access, DB/2, Sybase, MySQL), use advanced data validation and branching, schedule automatic send-outs with the Follow-Up wizard, script custom plug-ins for form-specific features, and more. You may also open many projects at once. With EZSurvey Pro, you will have greater capacity to create more robust surveys.
Price: $1500/server + $750/designer (concurrent usage). Extra manuals for network use: $50 each.

Raosoft® EZReport® and UReport® (Screenshots) (WinNT/200x/XP)

A user-friendly report writer to convert your data into custom, presentation-quality reports. Use either the default analysis statistics or choose your own. Generate detailed reports easily because Raosoft's object-oriented creation is self-evident. Generates custom reports from Raosoft software or any DBF or ODBC table. EZReport provides more advanced and customizable report writing capacity than other Raosoft analysis programs. No limits to records or fields.
Price: $299; network: $149 per license node. Extra manuals for network use: $35.

UReport, a runtime version, lets you provide preconfigured report templates for off-site use and mail-out disks. The program EZReport is needed to author the templates.
Price: Unlimited send-out license $595.

Raosoft® RapidReport® (WinNT/200x/XP)

RapidReport provides default analysis templates with instant ease and summary power. The results of your questions and responses are immediately displayed in the template's format. You may see the results of your questions with one click, if wanted — instantly. You have numerous options to customize the template as well. Use it to let you give higher management initial reports same day.
Price: $199.

SurveyTools (Win/Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

SurveyTools is a powerful collection of more than 15 utilities for database and file management of surveys and forms. You may Delete Duplicate cases, Match and Replace cases (for updating files), automatically Append data from EZSurvey and SurveyWin data entry modules, Backup to copy database files, and Recode for modifying data. Use it to clean your database, to remove inadvertent errors in data entry, or to correct data handling mistakes.
Price: $149

SurveyEntry (Win/Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

SurveyEntry is a data entry module for SurveyWin, sold separately for data entry and/or retrieval for network seats and off-sites, as with laptops. It displays the forms authored by SurveyWin. It is designed for interviewing and other daily tasks that do not need data analysis or graphics. Its phone-out features are often used in telemarketing or polling. It is often used for laptop data entry. There are no limits to database size. Querying the phone-out data set is available to improve the data entry process. The program does not allow the user to change the forms generated by SurveyWin. SurveyEntry separates the user from the database and is ideal for marketing surveys. It is networkable and frequently used on laptops.
Price: $249.

UFill® (Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

UFill® is a runtime module for surveys, authored in SurveyWin, for distributed data entry and data editing that displays just the survey form itself. You can collect data by network broadcast (by email attachment or the network itself), by mail-out diskettes, by notebooks, by kiosks for unattended entry, or by file download from the internet/intranet. Touchscreen and pen computers are options. You may combine these methods for any project. SurveyEntry’s features of survey and form creation and data transfer are not available in UFill®. UFill includes USurvey and has additional data editing features so that records can be changed, plus optional Query for data retrieval, while USurvey records cannot be edited. UFill provides precise guided data entry for accurate collection, and easy entry by the participant. UFill can send responses automatically through MS Mail, Exchange mail, cc:Mail, GroupWise and Lotus Notes. UFill can be combined with UReport. There is no limit to the number of cases or fields. UFill is networkable and ideal for email, network and laptops. It is supplied as a master disk.
Price: unlimited send-out license $595

Raosoft® InterForm (guided tour) (Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP)

Raosoft InterForm is an advanced application developer for web surveys and forms that lets you create complex questionnaires needing extended logic statements, or very large questionnaires for the web, with large populations and/or large question sets. InterForm is the"big brother" of EZSurvey for the Internet, and provides more features and validation options, including If-Then-Else logic statements, extensive customization flexibility of the screen displays, (the ability for more data fills from outside data), special pre-categorization for comments, and more. InterForm also will create an .exe for separate file or diskette usage, often employed for presentation purposes or for when a diskette is needed to supplement the web population. InterForm has its own HTML templates for web reports, with unique power. The data collected may also be analyzed in EZReport. InterForm supports all standard web platforms.
Price: $20,000 for the first authoring license, and $10,000 for additional authoring seats.

Template Assistance and Technical Seminars

Software Training and Survey Process classes bring your people up-to-speed quickly. Specialized assistance is also available. Call for pricing.

Raosoft®, Inc. is an 8(a) certified minority-owned small business.

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