Raosoft® EZSurvey® 2007 - New Version!

New! Automate EZSurvey Tasks - download data - read email - update database - and more!

Raosoft EZSurvey for the Internet is online survey software designed to make it easy for an average computer user to write web surveys and email surveys, gather responses online, and analyze results.

EZSurvey's flexible architecture allows advanced computer users to go further, with an abundance of options for online reporting, customized validation, presentation stylesheets, and integration with your existing databases. Open-source plug-ins allow EZSurvey to adapt to your enterprise, not vice versa.

EZSurvey's robust survey software design focuses on data security (rated "Excellent" by EWeek) and compatibility with your existing IT assets, including web servers, databases, email systems, and web browsers. We at Raosoft want you to get up and running quickly so that you will be successful. EZSurvey was the first web survey software program on the market in 1997, and continues to lead in performance and reliability. EZSurvey, standard version, is straightforward to design and offers great functionality. EZSurvey Professional adds yet more options for web surveys.

You get the most from your survey software investment with a training program including tutorials, video lessons, and optional on-site workshops. Raosoft's technical support program is among the best in the computer industry. Just call 206-525-4025 or send email to raosoft@raosoft.com.

OPM sample template! A new federal regulation as of January 1, 2007 will require federal agencies to conduct annual employee surveys. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is providing 45 standard questions for the mandatory survey. Raosoft, Inc. software currently powers the OPM-conducted Human Capital Survey, and we have now created a template of the new OPM standard questions for use with Raosoft software. Agencies can deploy easily the required employee satisfaction survey, either administering it themselves or by having Raosoft provide the hosting and implementation. View the InterForm template, or the EZSurvey template, and Read about the new regulation.

  • Intuitive web survey design GUI
  • Designed for XP and enterprise networks
  • Rapid web and intranet survey deployment
  • Email surveys, invitations, and reminders
  • Kiosks, Pocket PC, Tablets, and SMS
  • New Active Preview window
  • Redundant data input validation
  • SQL-backed online forms (Pro)
  • Authentication and security
  • High-speed email and data importing
  • New stylish design web survey templates
  • Improved usability and workflow

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Raosoft® EZSurvey for the Internet is an easy and powerful survey software tool to help you gather questionnaire and feedback responses online. You can quickly post a web survey or web form on your web server or write a survey and broadcast it over your company email system. With a web server, you can let anyone use your web survey form on the Internet, then view their responses on your own computer. With an email survey, your colleagues can reply to your email message, And with the EZSurvey Professional version you can also collect your data in ODBC, XML and ASCII databases. Your data is compiled into EZSurvey's database. And with the EZSurvey Professional version you can also collect your data in ODBC, XML and ASCII databases. For large populations (40,000+) with online reporting, consider using Raosoft InterForm, the web survey software program tool for special large size or unusually complex survey usage.

EZSurvey is the base package for small business. EZSurvey Pro is for power users and enterprises.

EZSurvey for the Internet is based around easy and powerful form design for web surveys. As a reviewer wrote, "The questionnaire editor is simplicity itself." To add a question to your web survey form, you click on the "Add Question" button, then type in your question. EZSurvey has all generic types of questions (write-in, multiple choice, etc.), and you can keep commonly used types in libraries for your convenience. The survey form you create in EZSurvey is saved in XML, and can be converted to HTML, sent as email, or even printed on paper. You can save your template styles and reuse them.

EZSurvey for the Internet can set up your web surveys and forms for any standard web server! EZSurvey adds (but does not require) JavaScript, both server or client side, to web survey forms, so that you can add scripting, branching, text masks, and data validation to your web forms. It also does the hard work of generating CGI scripts for web servers, so that you don't have to be a programmer to create a web survey form. Your data is collected and compiled into EZSurvey's robust database for you for easy analysis.

You can send the same form as a hybrid text and HTML message. Replies can go to your mailbox, or to a special account that you set up for surveys. EZSurvey actually reads the answers from each message that is sent back to you, saving them directly to your database. Optionally, you can ensure that each person answers your web survey only once.

Of course, EZSurvey for the Internet also includes a database system , statistical analysis, and charts. So you can browse, sort, and analyze your data, without having to learn how to use a database!

Would you like to learn more? Why not download the free demo? Or, browse the Long Tour. If you would like to talk to us about EZSurvey or place an order, call 206-525-4025 or send email.

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