Plug-ins that are shipped within EZSurvey.
Plug-ins that are shipped within EZSurvey Pro.
Advanced Plug-ins that may be requested.
Speciality Component Modules - Plugins
Plug-ins that are shipped within EZSurvey.
Conditional Redirect
Redirect the participant to an alternate "Thank you" page based off of one of their answers. More info
Sample Data Generator
Instantly put random sample data that matches your form into the database. More info
Progress Bar
Use a colored bar to show the user the percentage complete of the survey.  
Validate on Constant Sum
Require several write-in-number fields add up to 100% or within a range of numbers. More info
Global Format
Group format all questions and text, by type, or by selection. More info
Form Options
Displays a text list of all of the current project's options. More info
Section 508
Modifies your form to helps to make it Section 508 compliant. More info
Display Codes and Labels
Create a text file that has a list of question and response labels and codes More info
Number Questions & Unnumber Questions
Give each question a visible number. More info (renumber)
More info (unnumber)
Easily alter all of the question text and response text within your form. You can change the text to a foreign language or alteration. More info
Record Count
Quick display of the number of records in the database. More info
Data Import
View the data import log file.  
Delete All Records
Mark all records as deleted. (To remove records, you must also select Utilities, Reset database.) More info
Display Overview
Opens a text window with a list of question response codes, labels and most vital options.  
Restrict by Date
Set a start date and an end date to a survey. More info
Make a Library
Convert the current form into an EZSurvey library.  
Warn on Response
Shows a warning when a specific responses is selected by a user filling out the survey.  
Remove Duplicate IPs
Remove records from the database to make the IP or HOST field unique.  
Add ID Tracking Fields
Include the ID tracking fields to the survey.  
Count Questions
Return a detailed count of the number of form objects More info
Duplicate/Delete Section
Duplicate a whole section or a page, all of the questions on the page will be duplicated too. Whole section can be duplicated or deleted with this function. More info
Remove HTML
Eliminates all of the HTML tags within the text of the questions and responses. More info
Plug-ins that are shipped within EZSurvey Pro. (Including the standard.)
Import Questions
Import a list of questions that are in text, spreadsheet, HTML, or database format. More info
Conditional Display of Responses
Only show a list question response if the criteria has been met. More info
Testing and Scoring
Administer a test for students. Gives you the ability to assign a value to a question and score students answers. More info
Template Editor
You can create a new template or modify an existing template.  
Follow Up
Send an email to the list of people in the database after a certain number of days. More info
Sample Size Calculator
You can enter in the sample size data and find the completed number of surveys needed and the number need to be sent out.  
Response Import & Response Delete
Import a list of response text and codes from an ASCII file. Remove all responses from as many questions as you want. More info (import)
More info (delete)
Online Report Generator
Create customized Single User and Summary Statistics reports. More info (summary)
More info (single)
Advanced Plug-ins that may be requested.
Survey Taker
For testing purposes, you can simulate many users filling out and submitting your online questionnaire.  
Name Value Options
Prints a list of question and response option variables to a text file.  
Rename Field names
Alter the "Fieldname" of all of your questions so that they are uniform and in order. More info
Make Questions
Makes a lot of sample questions on the page for testing purposes.

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