Raosoft, Inc. Introduction of Raosoft EZSurvey 2007


December 15, 2007

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet, a powerful questionnaire form generator able to distribute HTML forms using diverse media methods. New features include faster form creation, more automated publishing, more export to OBDC database ability, and extended on-line reporting.

Shipping date: December 15, 2007 Enterprise application!

Contact person to obtain an evaluation copy, or for questions:
Catherine McDole Rao, CEO Raosoft, Inc.
Customer contacts are located at the end of the press release.

Screenshots: http://www.raosoft.com/products/ezsurvey/screenshots/ezs2007.html

SEATTLE, November 27, 2006 — Raosoft EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet, first published in 1997, extends the flexibility and functionality of EZSurvey. EZSurvey is an end-user survey-type program that is easy enough for both novices and experts. Version 2007, the 9th version, provides faster form creation, more publishing automation, more export support for ODBC databases and extensive new on-line reporting to provide more power and flexibility for reports. Data security, as always, is emphasized. The new release improves the speed and scalability of data collection for both EZSurvey database and ODBC database connectivity. The EZSurvey Personal Server (EPS) continues to provide new advantages for checking design of forms, and for straightforward data gathering on notebooks and other mobiles. The EPS allows owners to collect data off-site, without dependence on an internal corporate server, and deployment enhancements are available for mobile and Short Messaging Service modules. Support for Email deployment, always a specialty, has been improved and made simpler.

The price remains the same highly affordable $399 to an end user for an unlimited use license of EZSurvey standard and $1500 for EZSurvey 2007 Professional. The programs contain the new features listed on the next page and described above, plus more.

Shipping date for Raosoft EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet is December 15, 2006. EZSurvey is a 32-bit program for use with Win200x/ME/NT/XP. The program is efficiently written in C++ and uses only14 megabytes of drive space. The web server components are less than 1 MB, plus space for the HTML files and database (The average is 2-3 MB, and can be up to 10MB with large databases.). The number of questions and records is unlimited. The database may reside on any PC, not just the web server.

A few major new and improved features include:

  • Form design aids include an improved Import Questions option that provides a big speed design addition. Questions can be imported from a Form, Document, Spreadsheet or Database in one transfer.
  • Export to RTF is a new menu option that increases the survey developer’s ability to edit and format paper survey forms more easily in a word processor.
  • Unicode support for other languages is enhanced.
  • Data collection is eased with a new ID and Password handling option to simplify ID and/or password generation. New features allow importing addresses more easily.
  • The Files for the Publishing Step option allows files to be moved from the desktop to the website with one menu choice.
  • Faster: The improved compiled CGI 7 is safe, secure, and its efficient small size allows a speed that takes in excess of 25 more hits/second than standard Perl and is more than three times faster. The web site database has increased its speed of writing noticeably for greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • ODBC database support robusteness has been increased for greater compatibility with standard ODBC supported programs. Program integration is facilitated.
  • The Publish to Pocket PC option improves the support for handheld, mobile delivery. This option now works with Smart Phones! A simpler return of results gives easier data collection. The Short Messaging Service (SMS) for PDAs and cell phones is extended.
  • The EZSurvey Enterprise Stand Alone Mail Server is improved and included free with EZSurvey. It continues to be open source.
  • Online Reports are more flexible, with the Summary Report given improved display formatting. The developer can edit the report now for changes in format.
  • Managers and analysts can view dynamic survey results via the web link that you provide to them. These results can also be made available for respondents to view.
  • Individual dynamic reports to respondents can be formatted and edited to contain just individual data entries, e.g., to increase or decrease the number of fields. The developer can customize to the respondent’s needs.
  • Database management features include the new Export to SQL option (Pro only) to export all data in the database to SQL statements for import into any SQL database.
  • New export options include creating an SQL or SML data table for later import into an SQL or SML database server.
  • Distribution can be by web, email, laptop, kiosk, mobile, portable hard drive, SMS, diskette, touchscreen and more. Data can be aggregated from these methods to a single database. Collection has been improved for these methods as a whole.

Customer contacts for description of usage and case studies are available.

Screenshots are available on the Raosoft, Inc. Web site on the EZSurvey page, or at: