EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet stands above the competition: Special Features

Survey and Form Appearance and Development
  • Survey and Form Appearance
    • Web surveys may appear as a form within a web page, a stand alone site, or within frames
    • E-mail surveys in HTML or plain text
    • Single-page and Multi-page survey forms (for web surveys only)

  • Form Development
    • Three levels of usability: No coding required for novices, a built in HTML editor for beginners, and the ability to input and modify HTML directly for the advanced
    • Table wizard is allows users without HTML knowledge to quickly make tables organizing questions and responses
    • Individual question customization options
    • Formatting Templates for standardized look and feel (make your own or use the included defaults)

  • Adaptability
    • Re-entry possible for respondents
    • Embedding of HTML tags in forms
    • Files stored in XML for cross-platform compatibility
    • Embedding of video and audio
    • Links to outside documentation and web-sites (references, your company's homepage, etc)
    • Pop-up help/reference windows
    • Input validation, skipping, and branching
Database Management System
  • Posting and Web Scripts for Web Surveys
    • Compiled web scripts that save as an XML, ASCII, or email file
    • Web scripts are open source and can be modified
    • CGI - Faster than Perl and protects against server penetration
    • Perl
    • ISAPI

  • EZSurvey imposes no limits on:
    • Number of records
    • Number of questions
    • Number and length of comments
    • Number of respondents

  • Database Management and Security
    • Multiple projects may be administered at once
    • Different EZSurvey projects may store their databases on separate computers, such as the LAN server, desktop PC's, as well as on web servers.
    • Databases may be stored on the server, PC, or in an ODBC database (Pro only)
    • EZSurvey creates a file logging and tracking all transactions involving the survey for the web administrator (logging may be turned on or off)

  • Data Collection
    • Collect data from users with EZSurvey or with ODBC connectivity (Pro only)
    • Command line importing of email, text databases, and the web database with control options

  • File Capabilities
    • Append and transfer files (can import legacy files)
    • Break apart or aggregate files
    • No fixed order to questions; the survey form may be modified as needed without corrupting the database
    • Compatibility with many file types includes: ASCII (.asc or .txt), TSV (.tsv), CSV (.csv), DBF (.dbf), SPSS (.sav)
Reporting Capabilities
  • Built-in capabilities
    • Customizable data summary with graphs, tables, and pie charts
    • Instant statistics, including averages, standard deviation, counts, minimums, and maximums
    • Response lists, analysis of ranking questions, and comment listings
    • Command line reporting of statistics and summary analysis
    • Integration with Rapid Report
    • Immediate visualization with automatic templates
    • No training required

  • EZReport integration
    • EZSurvey, RapidReport and EZReport link together
    • Powerful easy-to-use interface
    • Different views (table, graph, etc) of the same data, or different data shown on the same screen
    • Templates to simplify repetitive data presentation
    • Post in PDF form for display on the web
    • Importing/exporting of data from/to a database
    • Produce reports at the EZReport or ODBC database level
Raosoft, Inc.
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  • Our software is used by academia, large and small businesses, the military, and many government agencies
  • Quality with affordability

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