EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet: New Features

December, 2006

EZSurvey 2007 for the Internet extends the flexibility and functionality of EZSurvey yet still further! This new version emphasizes faster form creation, more automation so that more can be done faster and more easily, and greater functionality as guided by our customers. Reporting power is emphasized so that more choice is available for on-line reporting. EZSurvey 2007 continues to lead the market as the most powerful and easiest end-user survey-type program available today.

New and improved capacity in EZSurvey 2007 will allow you to edit and format forms more easily; the collection process has been made simpler with more automated publishing options; you may have more extensive oversight of the survey process if wanted; database export to ODBC databases is improved; on-line reporting provides more power and flexibility; and EZSurvey continues with its emphasis on security protections.

The EZSurvey Personal Server continues to provide new advantages for design checking, and for data collection as well, such as for laptop and other mobile use. ODBC support is extended in the Pro version, and Unicode support further enhanced for other alphabets. The new EZSurvey Enterprise Stand Alone Mail Server is refined to make participant notification and email survey tasks simpler. The same low price is maintained while adding all of these improvements !

Some of the exciting new enhancements and options are listed below.

New and improved Form Design aids:

  • Import Questions (Pro only)is improved and provides a big speed design addition. Questions can be imported from a "Form", "Document", "Spreadsheet" or "Database" in one transfer.
  • Improved designs for the Template Editor (Pro only) includes new modern design template for enhanced template development with CSS and DHTML.
  • Improved Active Preview window to view the HTML display of your design as you type.
  • Duplicate/Delete Section has improved section (page) editing within the form.
  • The full Preview feature is even faster to use.
  • Export to RTF is a new menu option that increases the survey developer’s ability to edit and format paper survey forms more easily in a word processor.
  • Improved Unicode support extends ease of creation in a foreign language.
  • Rename Fieldnames changes all fieldnames in the form to default numbering (Q1, Q2, etc.) to match the order of the questions. This option is upgraded to support the latest SQL databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase).

Improved User Interface:

  • Online Help is extended to include all new features plus an FAQ from beta testers. Users can edit the Help for site-unique procedures and rules—customize your Help to suit your organization’s needs!
  • More error alerts are added to help guide the end user throughout EZSurvey, from the authoring process through to the reporting process. The end user can customize the error alerts! Again, you can adapt the guidance for your location.

Powerful improved Data Collection:

  • The improved compiled CGI 7 is safe, secure, and its efficient small size allows a speed that takes in excess of 25 more hits/second than standard Perl and is more than three times faster. ODBC support robustness has been increased for greater compatibility with standard ODBC supported programs. The web site database has increased noticeably its speed of writing for greater accuracy and efficiency.
  • A new ID and Password handling option eases ID and/or password generation, as well as providing features for importing addresses more easily.
  • Files for the Publishing step can now be moved from the desktop to the website with one menu choice.
  • The EZSurvey Personal Server (Pro only) has improved and strengthened publishing support for its use off-site or as a primary web server. This collection method does not interfere with your site’s security policies.
  • Improved usage for the Publish to Portable PC option for collection on tablets and notebooks. Use the XML format if wanted.
  • The Publish to Pocket PC option improves the support for handheld, mobile delivery. This option works with Smart Phones! The returning of results is simplified so that data collection is easier.
  • The Short Message Service (SMS) support for feedback from mobile devices is extended, with full documentation included for the administrator.
  • The EZSurvey Enterprise Stand Alone Mail Server is improved and included free with EZSurvey, and is a full-featured email delivery program for notifications and/or email survey distribution. It is open source to allow easy modification if wanted.
  • New >text email and HTML email wizards make the Mail Server even easier to use.

Powerful new and improved Reporting features:

  • The improved Sum-File option creates a .sum file that can be used to display statistics when publishing to a web site, drawing from real-time results. This plugin looks at the existing database and calculates all of the necessary values for the summary statistics report.
  • The EZSurvey summary report has improved formatting, including better spacing with graphics display. The report can be edited for changes in format.
  • Managers and analysts can view dynamic survey results via the web link that you provide to them. These results can also be made available for respondents to view.
  • Individual dynamic reports to respondents can be formatted and edited to contain just individual data entries, e.g., to increase or decrease the number of fields. Customize to the respondent’s needs!
  • Enhanced on-line reporting includes: Ability to select the plot-type choice for chart display; to select reports by single or aggregated users; to query to allow a data subset selection based on selected questions (with plot-type choices for chart display); to select data of write-in text questions only, which will let Comments be displayed in the aggregate.
  • You may create an SPSS Label file for immediate use with SPSS statistics software from within EZSurvey, and it is now easier to use.

Improved and Extended Security features:

  • SQL commands are hard-coded into an XML file for enhanced handling (Pro only) on the web server to make them invulnerable to nonsense-data attacks.
  • Autodetection by the form processor will detect buffer overrun attacks and improper file names, and send an email notification to the web site owner.
  • EZSurvey’s scripting processor uses an open-source, restricted-memory language that prevents modification of files, registry settings, or unauthorized database rows.
  • Web data is converted into UTF-8 prior to security filtering.
  • All SQL commands (Pro only) are generated in UTF-8.
  • Forms over plain-text email have a user-identification code.

New and extended Database and Database Management features:

  • The new and improved Export to SQL (Pro only) plug-in lets you export all of the data in the database to SQL statements that can be imported into any SQL database.
  • Export to XML (Pro only) lets you export all of the data in the database to XML format.
  • Export options include creating an SQL or XML data table for later import into an SQL or XML database server.
  • General database improvement allows measurably faster import and export of large data files.
  • Greater speed and scalability (Pro only) provides improved support for ODBC connectivity.
  • Extended SQL warnings and logging (Pro only) improve usage and monitoring.
  • The web CGI has been extended to make a fuller connection to the ODBC database.(Pro only) Respondents can create new records, and update existing records.

Powerful improved support for distinct applications:

  • The EZSurvey Personal Web Server(Pro only) can collect data in the field or when you are home. It is an alternative to publishing the survey on a major web server.
  • Publishing options include Web, Email, Handheld, Kiosk, Text, and Paper.
  • Distribution methods can be by web, email, laptop, kiosk, mobiles, SMS, portable hard drives, diskettes, touchscreen and paper.
  • One database can be used by more than one survey. For example, if you had a regular survey and another survey formatted for section 508c compliance, both could save data to a common database.
  • The online handheld PDA can save the name of a binary file. This is useful if you are doing voice recording or taking pictures.
  • Follow up email messages can be sent based on previous survey responses. You can send reminders or even invitations to a new survey for those participating in an earlier survey.
  • Instant Polls can be made and put on the front page of your web site. The instant poll can be a single question or multiple questions.
  • EZSurvey can administer tests and after the data has been collected those tests can be scored for reporting purposes.
  • Images can be included in surveys. Any image that is web accessible can be used in a survey, for questions, responses, banners, general display, and other.
  • Data can be exported to SQL.(Pro only) You can take data, once it has been collected, and save it to an SQL database. See the Export to SQL plug-in description under Database.
  • Questions from text can be imported quickly and in bulk now, to speed form creation. Questions can be imported from spreadsheet text format or word document text format.