Scripting - Command Line processing

Command-line options for EZSurvey (or EZSurvey Pro). These commands can be included in a batch file, and utilized with a scheduler program, to run independently of EZSurvey.

  1. Here's the modern way to do things in EZS 2005 and later:

  2. And, for backward compatibility, all of these are available:

    1. ezsurvey.exe file.ezf
      Opens a form
    2. ezsurvey.exe open=file1.ezf,file2.ezf
      Opens several forms
    3. ezsurvey.exe cmd=translate open=file1.ezf
      ezsurvey.exe translate file1.ezf
      Opens a window for translating the program into another language
    4. ezsurvey.exe cmd=setup open=file1.ezf
      ezsurvey.exe setup file1.ezf
      Sets file associations, sets the spelling dictionary paths
    5. ezsurvey.exe readmail
      ezsurvey.exe cmd=readmail
      Runs the email processor. Set up email processing options first.
    6. ezsurvey.exe cmd=readmail open=file.ezf data=c:\data\*.txt
      Reads email files from c:\data\*.txt for the file.ezf project.
    7. ezsurvey.exe open=file.ezf cmd=readweb
      Opens file.ezf and does a web import
    8. ezsurvey.exe open=file.ezf cmd=readweb data=file.asc
      Imports web data from a specific .asc file
    9. ezsurvey.exe open=file.ezf data=source.dbf cmd=import
      Appends data from source.dbf (or any other valid data source, like odbc://dsn/table) to the database for file.ezf
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