EZSurvey Mobile for XP, Windows CE, and Pocket PC

Raosoft has recently developed data-entry systems for handheld computers for mobile computing, taking advantage of the hardware differences between the available platforms.

EZSurvey for Pocket PC (and Windows CE) is survey software designed for advanced in-the-field decision support applications as well as the more complex electronic surveys. Any web form, no matter how complicated, can run on a Pocket PC. Responses are saved on the Pocket PC, and transmitted to a central server whenever the handheld synchronizes or enters a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Download and try this sample

EZSurvey for the Palm is designed for fast, low-cost data entry of simple surveys and forms, using branching and skipping for rapid documentation of in-person interviews. Responses are saved in a Palm database, and converted to an ASCII file by a custom HotSync conduit.

In both of these applications, a survey or form designed with EZSurvey can be published to multiple handheld devices to enter data. This data is synchronized over a network, using SMTP to send data to you through email, which can be read by EZSurvey.

To maximize long-term return on investment and interoperability, we recommend Pocket PC over Palm. EZSurvey Mobile forms can be customized to print on-line reports and custom menus, with the same source files running simultaneously on Windows XP or a Pocket PC.

Download and try this sample for Windows XP or Pocket PC

EZSurvey Mobile is for devices with intermittent network connections, and may not be necessary for devices like BlackBerry (with Go.Web) or SmartPhone, which have full-time wireless networks. For simple wireless data gathering, EZSurvey SMS lets you use your existing mobile phones.

Mobile devices like the BlackBerry that have a built-in web browsers and constant internet connections can use EZSurvey web surveys for questionnaires. An example of a mobile survey is the Mobile - University Evaluation form. This form can be filled out from any mobile device that has an internet connection.

Tablet / Notebook computers Win CE / Pocket PC
Windows XP tablet edition
or (notebooks) Windows NT/2000/2002/XP
PocketPC 2000, 2002, 2003, Windows CE
Palm OS 3.5+
Screen interface
Menu of online forms, summary and reports of previously captured data. Runs a web server and interacts with Internet Explorer
Menu of online forms, summary and reports of previously captured data. Runs a web server and interacts with Pocket Internet Explorer
Entry of new records; previously entered data is hidden. Uses the native Palm screen interface.
Suitable uses Auditing, compliance tracking, field information gathering Field information gathering and decision support, surveys, auditing, field training
Surveys, in-person interviews


The pricing plan for EZSurvey Mobile includes a Mobile authoring module license and licenses for each handheld. Authoring requires EZSurvey and one of the following:
  • Tablet/Notebook/Portable PC authoring module = $750
  • Pocket PC/CE authoring module = $500
  • Palm authoring module = $500
The pricing of EZSurvey Mobile (Tablet/Notebook/Portable PC or PocketPC/CE or Palm) depends on the number of devices it is used with, as follows:
  • The minimum number of device licenses available is for 5 devices = $250
  • The first 50 mobile devices at $50 per device = $2500
  • The next 50 mobile devices at $25 per device = $1250
    • A total of $3750 for the first 100 devices!
  • The next 100-400 mobile devices at $20 per device = $2000/hundred
  • If more than 500, please call us.

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