EZSurvey for Pocket PC Handhelds: A module of the EZSurvey survey software system

Arrived: Raosoft EZSurvey for Pocket PC creates survey and forms for Pocket PC and Windows CE devices! The add-on works with both EZSurvey Pro and EZSurvey Standard.

EZSurvey for the Pocket PC runs a local web server to interact with Pocket Internet Exporer. Server-side validation and reporting allows the user to be presented with dynamic menus summarizing the captured data and encouraging entry. Client-side JavaScript allows you to program calcuations and validation directly in Internet Explorer. The EZSurvey screen on the Pocket PC can show a menu of up to 16 different forms or surveys on a single Pocket PC.

The Pocket PC can run any form that EZSurvey can generate. However, because of Pocket IE's display limitations, EZSurvey's default "plain HTML" display works best -- table-based layouts and advanced templates can be slow and awkward on a 240-pixel screen. Typical uses for EZS/PocketPC are for surveys, or, for example, as an in-the-field auditing program, such as a track-and-field score sheet. The "home" page could show something like this:

Our Track Team
Long jump
Linda Green
Terry Jones
Kris Peters

This screen would be generated from a database on the Pocket PC that a trainer can carry around. The database would be populated from a server and synchronized with Microsoft ActiveSync. The words "Bad" and "Good" represent a judgement algorithm for various categories that you can program, based on the data in the database. When the trainer taps on a question mark (data missing in the data file), a data entry screen can be shown. The links can be designed to go to the start of an electronic form, or to jump to a specific page.

Long jump: Kris Peters

Take off




Since EZSurvey is designed to generate HTML that is 508(c) compliant, you can tap on the "Good" and "Bad" labels as well as the radio buttons. Having a larger target helps reduce data capture errors. When data are saved, you return to the summary page, which is updated with the new data.

EZSurvey for Pocket PC is based on Raosoft's open source CGI programs, which includes an interpreted programming language for customization. This is a very powerful new program allowing new productivity. If you would like to explore survey and form development using EZSurvey for Pocket PC, please call us at 206-525-4025 or email us for more information.

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