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Mobile phones EZSurvey SMS is a new wireless enterprise application that sends text messages to and collates multiple responses from mobile phones. Raosoft EZSurvey SMS brings enterprise data collection to mobile phones, with an easy and sophisticated web control interface. National and international SMS communication is fast and easy!

EZSurvey SMS has unique advantages

         Communicate with any cell phone, anywhere, on any network.
It's the only survey software allowing two-way interactive communication for surveys or conversations.
Multiple messages (unlimited) can be collated into a single database for real-time reports.
Send automatic responses to incoming messages (e.g., to deliver winner's confirmation messages).
A scalable architecture safely supports high message volumes.
Dedicated phone numbers are available for security-sensitive applications.

What you can do with EZSurvey SMS

         Monitor ad campaigns
Communicate with relief workers in emergency situations
Communicate with a widely distributed sales force
Get instant feedback from conferences, speeches, ad campaigns, and audiences
Schedule business services and modify appointments
Send rapid notifications to off-site employees

When Disaster Strikes use EZSurvey SMS

When disaster strikes, landline phones go down and cell phone networks can be either knocked out or overwhelmed. To the rescue comes text messaging, via cell phones or Research In Motion BlackBerry PDAs. After the World Trade Center attacks, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita, this was one of the only ways that people could communicate. Text messages travel on a separate, low-bandwidth spectrum on cellular networks, so they're more likely to go through than voice calls.

Clients have created an Emergency Needs Survey project that will ask the status of key people, facilities, and supplies. With a fixed distribution list of people - it takes one click to initate the process!

Some Cellphone Statistics *

Current Population Survey (CPS) Estimates of cell-phone only population size and characteristics, 2004.
         Those who are young, not married, and/or renting were most likely to have only a cell phone.
A relatively large proportion of the households reported they receive more than half their calls on a cell phone.

National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) Estimates of cell phone population size and characteristics, 2003. (2004 data being processed)
         Wireless-only adults comprised nearly two-thirds (62%) of the population of adults without landline telephones.
Surveys of wireless-only adults will capture more than 80% of college-educated adults and higher income adults without landlines.

*The Cell Phone Sampling Summit II, February 2005, as reported in 98th Meeting of the Committee on National Statistics, October 27, 2005. National Academy of Science, Washington D.C.

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