EZReport, Version 2007

New Features

  1. Introduction
  2. New and improved powerful reporting tools
  3. Faster application architecture:
  4. Improved interface:



Raosoft EZReport, Version 2007 continues to provide point-&-click analysis and reports with advanced presentation quality for both non-expert and expert end users. Ease of use is a primary characteristic. EZReport is developed specifically to examine questionnaire and survey-type data. The data can be derived from Raosoft data gathering software, any DBF database, ASCII databases, or standard ODBC databases (SQL Server, Access, Oracle, DB/2, Sybase, more).

Important new features include more power to display comments in reports. Comments may be included with ease in the same reports as contain numerical analysis, if wanted, or as comment reports alone. You may use the Query and Crosstabulation options to subdivide the comments into appropriate categories. EZReport provides more control for comment reports now than does any other statistical program of which we are aware!

As well, emphasis in Version 2007 is on online presentation and distribution of reports. New automation capacity lets results be gathered, presented and dynamically updated for new power.

EZReport's goal of providing ease in interpretation and ease in distribution is achieved in this version. It is a stable program in use for more than 12 years and was designed to provide analysis appropriate for both beginning and advanced applications. EZReport was created especially by Raosoft, Inc. for analysis of surveys and questionnaire forms, because our customers needed both ease and functionality to provide the reports required by their organization. Here is a statistical program that achieves the difficult task of both providing ease of use and power--while also maintaining affordability!


Some of the exciting new improvements and capacities are listed below.


New and improved powerful reporting tools:


  • You may include Comments in the same reports as contain numerical analysis by using the new automatic paging. Multi-page reporting needed to display extensive comments is automated, and the manual determination previously required is unnecessary. Screen/page considerations are handled more easily.
  • You may show Comment reports alone, as wanted. The automatic paging solves your display problems, and the screen/page considerations are simplified greatly.
  • Query and Crosstabulation options are available with the automated Comments. You may easily present reports by segmented categories, such as by organizational unit, or training class, or location-whatever divisions of the data are appropriate to your task and your firm's needs. You may use multiple Query and Crosstabulation choices to subdivide the data into fine categories and obtain accurate reports on each.
  • Comment metrics allow you to examine the number of responses or unique word counts so that you can further understand your write-in data.
  • Comments can be saved in an EZReport report file or to a text file for additional formatting within any standard word processor. Advanced statistical options are available and improved.
  • Even more powerful command-line interface and scripting lets you create batch report production plus distribution. You may automatically email reports to the correct persons.
  • The extended command line interface provides for multiple query support that allows you to automatically do bulk printing of appropriate reports to the right persons.
  • Access and analyze web-based survey data gathered with Raosoft EZSurvey for custom and default reporting on your local desktop computer.

Instant dynamic report generation! The new EZReport WebCollect module combined with the EZReport Workgroup Report Server module form a plug-in that produces reports of current online data in PDF format automatically. WebCollect is a CGI that returns the web data in a format that EZReport can use to dynamically update the report file. The EZReport Workgroup Report Server produces reports in PDF format automatically. Together, they allow instant dynamic report generation when current data is added to the EZReport database!


Faster application architecture:


  • EZReport 2007 extends compatibility with Windows XP. It is designed for Windows XP, opens and saves files in the "My Documents" directory, and keeps separate preferences for each user.
  • Improved processes allow EZSurvey files to be interpreted more easily and are faster.
  • Improved XML report files extend integration of EZReport with other applications.
  • Copying/pasting of multiple objects to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint is improved.


Improved interface:


  • Improved formatting for graphs provide colors and plot styles that can be set more easily. Rulers, such as for graph axes, can have numeric ranges placed on them.
  • Graphs have increased use of default statistics, e.g., cumulative statistics on bar graphs.
  • The new stacked bar charts give enhanced interpretative ability for analyzing data.
  • Enhanced font and graphics rendering allows for greater flexibility to design custom reports.
  • Simpler menus provide faster, more intuitive reporting, e.g., analyses for novices and experts are now in separate menus.
  • Improved placement tools such as the Alignment option and Grid lines give greater placement ease and accuracy in placing objects for fast and inviting page design.
  • Improved drawings and chart formatting tools support more flexible customization of reports. Headings, rulers, graphics and dividers aid in creating great looking reports that are easy to read and interpret.
  • A faster and improved built-in form editor makes it easier to import databases by automatically analyzing the imported database to determine its structure.
  • The Raosoft RapidReport program with its default templates has improved direct access from an EZReport menu to generate instant reports. You can reuse report templates in either RapidReport or EZReport.