Why SURVEYWin is special!

SURVEYWin is new technology; a new concept in form design and data handling that guides a statistical database management system. You can design just about any form you can imagine within SURVEYWin for electronic data entry (or design for paper) and then use it with the automated FastStats statistics for analysis and reports. Just a small number of the diverse possibilities include: traditional surveys, evaluations, inventory collections, expense account records, Help Desks, and CATI interviewing scripts. The best part is you don't have to be an expert to achieve this functionality since SURVEYWin's Intelligent Shell entry screens are composed without any database programming! Using the intuitive menu-driven options, non-experts can modify the feature detail and have the ability to add additional controls when desired. Since there is a rich feature set of validated data entry options, entry is "guided" throughout the form and you get accurate data back.

Using SURVEYWin's automated database management features, you may collect data from several electronic and paper methods and append everything into the same master database. After aggregation, you may interactively learn what the data means with powerful statistics and reports. The statistics automatically modify themselves to the type of data analyzed so that you cannot make mistakes, yet you can still override and customize results.

SURVEYWin is a database of great power and flexibility and is the parent (author) of a database management system that will allow you to import/export databases, query out subdatabases to stand alone, send out collection instrument forms electronically with the runtime program UFill, interactively provide sophisticated statistics and provide for remote runtime report generation with preconfigured reports. The new SURVEY-Tools set of utilities give power with simplicity, as you recode data or clean up miscodes from an imported database.

Customers see SURVEYWin as their corporate solution to electronic collection of data, and for tracking and analyzing data. It's priced to justify purchase for either front-end information gathering or back-end reporting. It is unlimited in potential size for both records and number of questions (variables). The database has been used for projects where collection is in excess of 600,000 participants, and yet it is easy enough in design to use with projects of 50.

We hope we have communicated some sense of the new technology -- of the power that SURVEYWin offers you. It is a generic application developer that will enable end-users to go where only programmers could move previously, and for experts to achieve capability in a fraction of the time they used to require. Such features as building branch patterns, required entry, security options and other validation options used to be a headache for programming and testing, but now it can be done with the mouse! As one customer articulated, "SURVEYWin is a new paradigm in forms design and in processing data afterward." It uses an object-oriented drag and drop design technology that gives you 'authorship pride' after you easily create elegant screens. It is perceived as a solution to corporate-wide problems in automating data gathering and interpreting data -- problems true for most departments.

Applications span training evaluations, employee reviews, assessments, traditional surveys of all types, customer satisfaction, CATI interviewing, and polished Help Desks to name a few. In regards to the analysis section, its strong functionality lets customers use it as their primary statistics program to analyze outside databases as well as SURVEYWin's internally generated databases.

Please download a demo and review at your own pace. Please open your mind to this easier method of screen design -- you will use objects, a technology that will give you later benefits all through the project. Do call or email us when you have questions, or for us to walk you through a quick phone demo! We like to know our customers and we work with them to provide innovative solutions to what have been costly or literally prohibitive problems. We at Raosoft are statisticians who have worked in academic and applied research plus developers, so your work is familiar to us.

For more information on SURVEYWin, please look at the following comparison list as well as a Feature List and Analysis Types list. Also see the product module descriptions with prices .

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