Raosoft, Inc. off-the-shelf programs are a cost-effective method for both electronic and manual data collection, plus report generation.

SURVEYWin provides unique and powerful data collection capacity --- end users can build electronic collection instruments --- and powerful statistical analysis for the data. Applications include training, employee reviews, marketing, CATI, factual data collection, expert system HelpDesks and more. It is a generic collector for data. Form design is simple for easy on-screen drag and drop formatting for even very complex formatting. It can handle hundreds of questions and large databases. The US Air Force has used SURVEYWin for its world-wide command climate and quality of life surveys. But SURVEYWin is easy enough to use for very small collection work, as well.

SURVEYWin runs under Windows 3.x and Win95/98/2000/NT. It gives the questionnaire designer complete control over all elements of the form's appearance. E-mail and LAN surveys include password protection and data validation. Data entry is enhanced with skip by response and conditional logic. All standard question formats are supported, including date of entry, multiple choice, rank order, large comments entry and more. New screens can be created by borrowing and combining elements of previous surveys.

The forms SURVEYWin creates can be electronically distributed using UFill. The executable file this creates can be distributed by email, LAN or mail-out disk. You can also use it for notebook, kiosk, touch screen or pen computer.

Our demos includes tutorials under Help|Content which show how you can quickly create powerful electronic questionnaires and reports.

Reporting in SURVEYWin is based on multi-page, re-usable templates. Drop-in charts and tables provide different views of each data item, with multiple items per page possible. Analysis tools include full text searches, multi-banner cross-tabs, ANOVA and Chi square. Qualitative text analysis is a special strength, and you can categorize comments.

The SURVEYWin network packages include additional modules for network use and remote data entry. Network nodes allow the software to be used from your server.

EZReport provides customizable chart formats and additional analysis functions. Rapid Report provides instant display of results in a preset fashion. UFill creates run-time executables from SURVEYWin forms for LAN or e-mail distribution. Survey Tools does direct database editing for cleaning up data and removing duplicates. The SURVEY-Entry data entry module is also available, for phone-out use and inbound/outbound data collection. In both SURVEYWin and EZSurvey, since they are databases, you may edit and add questions in the future and append or take subsets of the datafiles.

For purchase with these programs, make sure you also get our Tools program, $149, so you can correct any mistakes made in handling individual files, and, if your budget can afford it, we recommend our $600 Technical Support package that will cover the usage of either EZSurvey or SURVEYWin's UFill. We also recommend the EZReport program for most users. This supplements the question by question response analysis of EZSurvey with queries, cross-tabs and multi-page reusable reports and provides customization for SURVEYWin users.

To get started for one SURVEYWin user on a network, our customers use the following package:

SURVEYWin $495.00
SurveyWin network node $249.00
EZReport $299.00
EZReport network node $149.00
UFill unlimited send-out $595.00
Survey Tools $149.00
Product Total $1936.00
Technical Support $600.00
Shipping $40.00
Total $2576.00

Additional users are $547 each. That is, a 2-user license with Technical Support is $3123.00. The most common licenses bought in the corporate and government sectors are the 5-user and 10-user licenses. That is, either 5 or 10 users respectively will be able to design/analyze, with the unlimited collector module UFill included in each package:

Cost of 5-user license: $4799.
Cost of 10-user license: $7559.

If you are federal government, call for GSA government pricing.

EZSurvey creates electronic data collection forms as text e-mail or HTML Web questionnaires. It automatically generates the CGI program needed to collect the responses. It will also connect directly to most e-mail servers for text questionnaire sendout. Automated response collection is included. Results can be immediately displayed and exported as charts and tables.

For Web and e-mail surveys and analysis with EZSurvey, many customers use this package:

EZSurvey $399.00
EZReport $299.00
SurveyTools $149.00
Product Total $847.00
Technical Support $600.00
Shipping $40.00
Total $1487.00

You may license 1-concurrent network usage by adding an EZSurvey($399), EZReport 1-node ($149) and Tools ($149) = $697 additional to the above. You may have ODBC connectivity by ordering EZSurveyPro for $1500. Replace EZSurvey in the package above with EZSurvey Pro.

For both products, your cost will be:

SURVEYWin Package $1936.00
EZSurvey $399.00
Product Total $2335.00
Technical Support $600.00
Shipping $49.00
Total $2984.00

We accept PO, check and credit card orders or bank wire from international customers.

Raosoft, Inc. supports whatever services you need for your applications. Training is available (please see Training information on the Web site), as well as form design and report assistance. We also provide for large, corporate-specific 'solutions' as needed to adapt our powerful tool set to your own requirements.

For Web applications, we can provide for anonymous data collection here at our site, as well, or run the project for you.

You will also find more info on SURVEYWin and EZSurvey on our Web site: demo slideshows, feature sheets, 'White Paper' technical specification sheets and working demos of the actual programs.

Raosoft software customers include the military, Federal Government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations and many smaller firms. Our software is highly crafted and we do all our own development, so customers know we can provide for their special needs. We are more than 10 years in existence, and came originally from the academic sector. Our customer base is now both wide and very powerful because of the functionality of Raosoft software. One major example of use is the recent US Air Force Chief of Staff Climate review and Quality of Life review that was sent world-wide electronically to 400,000+ participants, Another example is the adoption of many financial services' firms of Raosoft software for automated training evaluations.