Analysis results provided by Raosoft EZReport and SURVEYWin

Analysis of comments (verbatim): Keyword search, automatic word counts, automatic group counts, crosstabulation against number, multiple choice, comment, and weighted questions. This analysis is also possible for multiple comments, merged into a single group. Categorize comments for quantitative analysis

Analysis of multiple choice questions: frequency tables, bar and pie graphs, cross tabulations (with both table and bar graphical analysis), multiple crosstabulations, Chi-square test.

Analysis of numbers: Count, mean (average), standard error, standard deviation, minimum and maximum values

Analysis of a number crosstabulated with another number: The above, plus correlation analysis* (Spearman Rank and Pearson's) in multiple regression analysis*, number of degrees of freedom, T-values, R-squared values, ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), Gap analysis

Analysis of weighted questions: averages by question and summary averages of question groups

Summary: overview frequency and number count for the entire form

Hypotheses testing*: Test for difference between 2 groups (2 means)
Test for difference between 2 variances
Test for difference between 2 correlations
Test for difference between 2 proportions
Normal table
Binomial table
Poisson table

Sample size option: Determine sample size from chosen parameters (confidence level, accuracy level, response rate) for multiple scenarios

Group questions to obtain indices.
Combine response choices to aggregate.
Data can be recoded at any time.
Create new variables with Calculation* using the Customization option*.
Provide reports with multiple views of the same variable or of multiple variables, on the same page.
Provide multi-page reports, with text and format customization.
Query with great detail that can be saved for reuse.

* Denotes features that are available only in EZReport.