InterForm Data Collection Administration: WebCounts

WebCounts is an on-line reporting tool created to assist administration of InterForm based data collection forms. The counts program is a .cgi file that is placed on the server. To access WebCounts, users open their web browser and type in a URL to the WebCounts program (or by clicking a link to WebCounts on a web page). This enables data collection managers to monitor the results of data collection administration at remote locations in real time. After entering a password to access counts, users can select questions to report on.

Click here for an example of the WebCounts interface.

WebCounts has the following features:
  • WebCounts can display current results on specified question(s) based on the current database content. Example standard report.

  • WebCounts can display the results of specified question(s) based on the results of another question (the query question). Example query report.

  • WebCounts can download a text file that lists completed ID's from the database.

  • WebCounts can download a list of incomplete cases in the database that includes USERID, Password, and the percentage complete. This feature can be used to send reminders to finish the survey.

  • The form designer can select any or all questions in the data collection form to allow reporting for WebCounts.

  • The form designer can select any or all questions to allow query reports in counts. A query report displays the results of a question(s) based on the results of a different question.

  • The form designer can set two separate levels of passwords to control access to the WebCounts program. This allows multi-tiered access to WebCounts.

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