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With InterForm®, you can collect data from complex, custom web forms and web forms of unlimited length. InterForm has a revolutionary design that lets you create distinctive, uniquely attractive screens with great validation powers. InterForm is the web version of our SurveyWin and UFill programs: You have almost unlimited flexibility for form design and selection among validation options. You may choose from skips, required entry, required number of digits, "if then error" conditions, "if then show" conditions, and much more.

InterForm supports all standard web platforms including: Windows NT/2000/2003, Linux, Unix, Sun/Solaris, and standard web servers including IIS and Apache.

In addition, InterForm can create stand alone executable files (.exe). These stand alone files can be distributed via a floppy disk, via email, or can also be used in a kiosk mode. The questionnaire is displayed in a web browser and appears in exactly the same format as if distributed via a website.

As an application developer of questionnaires, InterForm is unparalleled in its flexibility and customizability! It is the program of choice for very large or very complex questionnaires.

Uses for InterForm include both attitudinal and factual decision support for data collection. Examples are questionnaires of all types, attitudinal surveys, factual price information, and other general data collection projects. InterForm lets Trainers write for evaluations, post tests, and assessment tests. This is a sophisticated application development tool for powerful applications.

InterForm is the vehicle for probably the largest internet survey collection projects ever deployed on the web, for the U.S. Air Force. The Chief of Staff of the Air Force uses InterForm to gather responses from all 700,000+ plus members of the Air Force, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserves across the world. The project is biennial, every two years since 1997.

InterForm Pricing
InterForm Single-User License $20,000
InterForm Network User License $10,000
InterForm Volume License
WebReport $10,000
WebCounts $10,000
WebDownload $10,000
WebTools $10,000

Raosoft also leases the use of InterForm, when questionnaires/projects are hosted on Raosoft, Inc. servers. Call 206-525-4025 regarding your application if you want instrument design and/or data collection handled by Raosoft.

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InterForm has the following key features:
  • Unlimited questions, logic and respondents.
  • Greater ability to customize the screen display.
  • More validation options.
  • If-then-error conditions.
  • If-then-show questions, text and button conditions.
  • Extensive automatic tabling formatting.
  • Comment categorization.
  • The ability to pre-populate survey data from an outside data source based on a respondents answer to a question.
  • The potential for adding new features for client adaptation, when funded by the customer.
  • Plus, it has the potential to be integrated into specialized data collection applications.
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