Large-Scale web-based projects and enterprise wide projects.

Raosoft, Inc has developed InterForm to provide for large-scale or complex applications. These projects might have any combination of large populations, long forms, and complex forms.

Large Populations: Projects that expect to work with populations of 50,000 or more people have special needs in order to be successful. For example, if databases are predicted to grow larger than 500 MB, InterForm has the ability to create several databases and treat them as if they were one. This will decrease latency for searching data and help protect databases from operating system errors. The Chief of Staff of the AirForce uses InterForm for projects to gather data from all AirForce personnel across the world.

The Office of Personnel Management successfully finished a recent Government wide Human Capital Survey data collection of more than 270,000 personnel using InterForm.

Long Forms: Forms of about 600 or more field names require special support from form-generation software. For example, InterForm writes data to the database every time a page is submitted. This process ensures the integrity of the data throughout large data collection forms. This also protects robustness of the data in case disruptions occur during data collection. (e.g., the internet connection is broken, etc.). Participants who have been accidently disconnected are able to return to the form where they left off when the disruption occurred, because their data is safely in the database.

InterForm has been designed to handle unlimited questions; e.g. forms on job descriptions or occupational statistics and factual data may have 1500 questions and these are easily supported by InterForm.

Complex Forms: Complex forms, of whatever length, or expected respondent population, also sometimes require special features to make the application successful.

InterForm supports forms with unusual complexity through it's powerful array of options plus the ability to have special features added. Raosoft can develop and add new features into the functionality of InterForm on a case by case basis.

InterForm, and it's associated products, have built in mission-critical robustness to handle the collection and tracking needs of these types of demanding data gathering projects.

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