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Selected Solutions: Research and Development Projects

Raosoft, Inc. has developed a large library of component programs that can be combined to create a new program to answer a specific application's requirements. We are specialists in the integration of our products to produce new applications that have power and robustness, and produce a high return on investment to the customer. Some samples of web surveys and other web-based applications are described below. These are based on our powerful Raosoft software family of products.

U.S. Air Force:

    Organizational Climate survey

  • Chief of Staff of the Air Force biennial world wide Organizational Climate survey, probably the largest web surveys ever done on the web. It is deployed every two years, the first electronic one provided by Raosoft, Inc. in 1997, the first web survey one in 1999. A sophisticated administration module was added for the web-based 2001/2002 Climate Survey, with comprehensive web based reports retrievable by end units on demand. The last Climate Survey rolled out on time in October, 2003 and is filled with new, advanced features to make entry easier and remove human error. The next Climate Survey is scheduled for fall, 2005.

  • Click here for an example of Climate Reports.

    Jan 05, 2006 2005 Air Force Climate Survey in Federal Computer Week The Air Force is analyzing 306,000 responses to the most comprehensive online survey about workforce concerns that it has ever conducted. Officials expect to complete the analysis in February and make the survey results available to all Air Force leaders to improve their units’ morale and operational efficiency. Air Force employees, supervisors, managers, executives and commanders voluntarily answered the worldwide survey, which the Air Force conducted online between Oct. 1 and Nov. 23, 2005, using Raosoft’s Web-based InterForm survey software. This Air Force Climate Survey marks the sixth iteration of the biennial Chief of Staff of the Air Force Climate Survey, begun in 1996.

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  • Personnel hourly task data collection, used to document work loads of Air Force personnel. The web-based program PERSLOAD provides for continuous data entry, with web-based dynamic HTML reports available on demand in many formats to higher management. PERSLOAD allows data never available before to be interpreted and integrated into timely decision-making.

  • Click here for an example of PERSLOAD.

  • Click here for news articles from Gov't Computer News and Federal Computer Week on PERSLOAD.
U.S. Army:
  • AUTOGEN for the Army Research Institute's Occupational Analysis Office. AUTOGEN is an integrated application combining surveys and reports, used for collecting training and evaluation feedback from soldiers, teachers and field officers at Army TRADOC schools. AUTOGEN also supports Job Analysis and Task Analysis skill survey forms for additional usage. Click here for a description of the AUTOGEN project.

    May 03, 2004 AUTOGEN in Government Computer News

    For U.S. Army TRADOC school users: The program EZSurvey for the Internet provides flexible form design for School use in addition to the forms contained in AUTOGEN. Click here to go to EZSurvey.
  • GoWeb for the Army Research Institute's Army Personnel Survey Office. GoWeb is an integrated application used to distribute specialized surveys into the field. Each user of GoWeb can customize and distribute their own surveys, as well as append and report on collected data. Click here for a description of the GoWeb project.
Office of Personnel Management: U.S. Department of Defense:
  • Living Pattern Survey (LPS) Creator for the Per Diem Travel and Transportation Allowances Committee. LPS Creator is an integrated application for each U.S. military base around the world to adapt and distribute the LPS, as well as appending and reporting on collected data. The information gathered by web surveys is factual data, consisting of prices, quantities, locations and explanatory comments of purchasing goods and services. Click here for a description of the Living Pattern Survey and Retail Price Schedule projects.

Bureau of the Public Debt, U.S. Department of Treasury:
  • Case Study on Survey Hosting for a Government Agency. The Department of the Treasury's Bureau of Public Debt (BPD) launched an organization-wide Employee Survey targeted to all of the approximately 1800 employees. The survey consisted of 30 questions, most in matrix format. All responses were anonymous; at the same time respondents were tracked to determine who had completed the questionnaire. The survey ran for two weeks, and 76% of employees that received an invitation to the survey responded.

U.S. Housing and Urban Development: Office of Government Ethics:
  • Agency Ethics Program Questionnaire: Collects data on ethics compliance for over 120 US Government Agencies. Raosoft has performed the following services since 2004:
    • Compose the data collection form including user interface, navigation and summary reporting
    • Securely host the data collection on our web server
    • Send email invitations and reminder emails to agency participants
    • Deliver bi-weekly agency status reports
    • Generate a report for each agency upon agency completion
    • Generate an aggregate report upon conclusion of data collection period

National Renewable Energy Laboratory:
  • Annual NREL Staff Employee Survey and specialized web-based reports based on gathered data. Reports included previous year comparisons and inter-department comparisons. Comparable web surveys were carried out over three years. Click here for the Federal Computer Week article.
Matthew Greenwald and Associates
  • Market Research projects employing web surveys, including health care and banking industry questionnaire survey projects.

American Red Cross

Raosoft EZSurvey integration with American Red Cross Learning Management System (LMS)

Raosoft EZSurvey was used to create a series of knowledge assessment surveys that would measure students’ knowledge before and after course completion. Students access the assessments whey they log into their individual LMS profile to view and complete course work.

EZSurvey surveys hosted by Raosoft were configured to accept a URL generated by the LMS system. Tracking information in the URL identified the participant and included a session ID. When the student completed the survey, their identifying information was passed back to the LMS with their status marked 'Complete'.

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