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Employment Opportunities at Raosoft, Inc.

Immediate opening (starting in late June, 2006): Software program technical support and debug testing, plus some form design using the Raosoft EZSurvey for the Internet software. Hours are flexible, preferably between 30 and 40 per week. Work hours must be available each day, Monday through Friday, to provide continuity. Some programming opportunity is available, at both the beginning and intermediate level, if wanted. Raosoft, Inc. is an established, highly respected software development firm with a powerful customer base, located near the University of Washington. U.S. citizenship is required for the job.

This is a valued position with a career path that can lead to higher IT promotion.

Required: Extensive experience with Win 95/98/2000/XP/NT/Internet. Good experience with web and HTML. Knowledge of JavaScript, CGI-scripting and PERL is useful although not initially required. Knowledge of databases is suggested. Network knowledge is a plus. You must have good communication skills with both customers and colleagues, and be able to work in a team setting. You must be able to withstand occasional time pressure. Reliability is a must.

A strong interest in the computer field is important. This is a good job, with excellent experience. Initiative is rewarded.

Starting pay: $14-$15/hr and higher depending on experience.
Location: Within walking distance of the U.W. in Seattle, WA, on NE 45th Street just beyond University Village. On the bus line, adjacent to the Burke-Gilman trail. Parking is available behind the building.

Application Requirements:
To apply, provide a cover email plus a text-format resume, as follows.

Cover email: Please tell us what is your experience and how you estimate your skill level, in HTML, JavaScript, CGI-scripting, PERL, and XML if you have worked with these. Not all are necessary to optain the position, but you should be interested in learning these areas. Do you happen to have any network experience? Have you had any exposure to Unix? We would like to know your primary computer field interests also. Be sure to include the hours, Monday-Friday, that you have available to work.

Resume: Email resume to Personnel in plain text format, contained within the email (no attachments) to raosoft@raosoft.com. Resumes in .doc file format will NOT be considered. Raosoft, Inc. is located near the U.W. and is an equal opportunity employer.

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