Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft EZREPORT Version 4.2 for Win95/98/Me, and NT. This robust version has more statistical power and can import/export any DBF database in addition to those of Raosoft products. End users can write complex reports with point and click ease. Shipping date: February 19, 2001 Price: $299, additional network node $149


February 12, 2001

Contact person to obtain a demo copy, or for questions:

Catherine McDole Rao, CEO, Raosoft, Inc.

SEATTLE, February 19, 2001- Raosoft EZREPORT, Version 4.2 extends easy-to-use statistical power for reports by end users, provides an easier interface, and gives enterprise users new ability to produce reports from outside databases as well as Raosoft product databases. Now any DBF database can be analyzed immediately by EZReport, and ASCII databases can be brought through Raosoft Survey-Tools into DBF format for EZReport analysis. The menu interface has been simplified for still greater ease. The architecture of EZReport has been strengthened for still greater robustness, since customers are using EZReport in both advanced and beginning applications in enterprise settings.

EZReport Version 4.2 remains the user-friendly and powerful report writer with statistics it always has been, and provides the ability for non-experts--and experts--to produce custom reports. Using its new point-&-click method, end users can easily write reports without needing experience or requiring training. EZReport Ver. 4.2 specializes in analysis for questionnaire-type data, and provides both beginning statistics and advanced analysis, such as Chi-square, ANOVA and regression analysis. All commands are menu-driven so no programming experience is necessary.

Reports may be saved as templates for future re-use, printed, exported, or be saved in Adobe PDF format for web site posting and distribution. Or, end users may take advantage of Raosoft's new RapidReport program ($199), which provides preset templates which allow the analyzer to instantly prepare repetitive reports for each variable or question in preset chart format. The EZReport owner can access the RapidReport program immediately through a menu option from within EZReport. The Raosoft web site provides samples and a demo of both EZReport Ver. 4.2 and RapidReport.

Raosoft EZReport Version 4.2 will support Win95/98/Me and NT and is provided as a 32-bit version. It takes only3 MB. There is no program limit to its database size. It provides powerful extra analysis for owners of Raosoft EZSurvey, InterForm, and SURVEYWin or for anyone who works with DBF or ASCII databases.

In summary, some of the major new features of Raosoft EZReport, Version 4.2 are:

·        Analysis of EZSurvey data files is now possible in one step.

·        You may also analyze data files in DBF format from outside programs now with EZReport.

·        Redesigned menus let you group similar functions together so that creating reports is more intuitive and faster to completion.

·        A right-click floating menu for object information and modifications is available for each page and for the objects on that page.

·        You may specify the location and size of objects on the page in inches for design speed.

·        You may send reports to MS PowerPoint and MS Word with new ease and capacity.

·        You may add or delete questions to the form with the new Edit form definition command.

·        You may define Groups of questions now both in EZReport and by predesign in Raosoft EZSurvey, SurveyWin and InterForm forms, to be analyzed as an aggregate.

·        Comment analysis is expanded, including minimum and maximum word length options.

·        You may obtain reports by single case with Data/One record, for testing or other uses.

·        The new Raosoft RapidReport program with its predefined templates can be accessed from an EZReport menu directly, for great speed in report generation.

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