January 10, 2000

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft® SURVEYWin®, Version 4.2 for Windows 95/98, and NT for improved electronic form design and more statistical analysis. Non-expert end users may quickly design complex questionnaire-type applications for data collection forms for multiple types of electronic data collection, and obtain reports afterward.

Shipping date: February 11, 2000 N

Contact person to obtain an evaluation copy, or for questions:
Catherine McDole Rao, CEO Raosoft, Inc.

SEATTLE, January 10, 2000—Raosoft® SURVEYWin®, Version 4.2 provides new capacities for end users as well as professionals to build electronic questionnaire-type forms for data collection and statistical analysis and report applications. New options allow much faster form design, including new global commands. Data entry screens have powerful validation options. As is always true with SURVEYWin, development is completely free of database code. Designers are able to select design options quickly from menus, both for form design and for reports.

In Version 4.2 more options are provided for generic form applications. For example bit maps can be inserted with greater choice, for applications in marketing or training, and screen `pages' can be rearranged more easily for use in different evaluation applications.

The new interface for the Form Design section is changed to a simpler menu structure, with many new options. Because the options are objects, end users can produce complex forms by point & click selection. So, for example, electronic screens can be `cloned,' or copied, with database descriptors automatically provided. Common elements across screens may be changed globally with a single command, rather than screen by screen. Often-used options are now on a right-click floating menu for speed of use.

Shipping for SURVEYWin, v. 4.2 begins February 11, 2000. The price remains $495 for Raosoft SURVEYWin v.4.2 and $595 for an unlimited send-out license of UFill, its runtime electronic data collector program module, and/or $399 for EZSurvey 98 for the Internet data gathering, so that a firm can gain electronic data gathering for under $1100. All programs are written in C++ for use with Windows 95/98 and NT, and have no program limits to number of fieldnames or number of records. In addition, the SURVEYWin database can be appended or merged with the new program Raosoft InterForm database that is Web-collected data.

SURVEYWin authors the form. Its runtime collection form program UFill v. 4.2 gathers the data electronically. UFill can be distributed across networks, on file servers or as an email attachment, or displayed on stand-alone computers. It will fit on a single floppy for disk send-out. For network broadcast it needs only 1 MB drive space and 4 MB RAM. The new version EZSurvey 99 for the Internet program, released in May, provides for internet, intranet and web site collection. SURVEYWin v. 4.2 forms are now transferable for use in EZSurvey web collection.

To summarize, major new features include:

• New interface wizards lead you through all the steps necessary to compose each question with its validations.

• A new Customize menu lets you specify Prefills, Default fonts, Bitmaps, Cursor control, Custom Messages, Rotation, and Self-Teaching options.

• Global edits for screen design provide for element positioning, including alignment of command tool buttons for fast screen changes.

• Question Properties screens include and permit editing of Question text, Alias/Title, Responses, Data validation, Skip by response and Test & Scoring.

• Comment or `write-in text' analysis, traditionally hard to measure, now has counts of words, groups of words, and entire comments with Sort by Count for reports, sorted by frequency.

• A right-click floating menu for object information and modification is available for each page and for the objects of that page.

• You may specify the location and size of objects on the page in inches. You gain both precision and speed in form design.

• Bitmaps may be inserted `as is' or at double size for greater visual impact.

• You may save report files for web display with greater ease using PDF format.

Applications include training evaluations, employee reviews, customer satisfaction, assessments, inventories, Help Desks--for generic electronic data collection and statistical analysis.

Beta user references for Raosoft SURVEYWin, Version. 4.2: Capt. Scott Hopkins, AFMIA, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, telephone 210-652-6598, x 1, and Maj. Wes Forgey, ANG, Andrews AFB, MD, telephone 301-836-7391 or 800-670-6031.

Demo copies and screenshots are available to the press at