Raosoft, Inc. Introduction of Raosoft EZSurvey 2005


December 15, 2005

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft EZSurvey 2005 for the Internet, a powerful questionnaire form generator with multiple media distribution capacity. New features include new security provisions, faster design, more scalable data collection, extended deployment flexibility, and expanded online reports. For surveys and forms-based data gathering.

Shipping date: December 15, 2005 Enterprise application!

Contact person to obtain an evaluation copy, or for questions:
Catherine McDole Rao, CEO Raosoft, Inc.
Customer contacts are located at the end of the press release.

Screenshots: http://www.raosoft.com/products/ezsurvey/screenshots/ezs2005.html

SEATTLE, November 18, 2005—Raosoft EZSurvey 2005 for the Internet, first published in 1997, continues as the most functional end-user survey-type program available that is easy enough for both novices and experts. Version 2005, the 8th version, provides additional security enhancements and numerous new form design aids, especially for complex forms. The new release improves the speed and scalability of data collection for both EZSurvey database and ODBC database connectivity. Security protections are available to secure the entire data gathering process. The EZSurvey Personal Server allows owners to collect data off-site, without dependence on an internal corporate server, and deployment enhancements are available for mobile and Short Messaging Service modules. The new EZSurvey Enterprise Stand Alone Mail Server speeds participant notification and Email survey demployment. EZSurvey's online reporting, always extensive, is expanded to provide more online statistical capacity.

The price remains the same highly affordable $399 to an end user for an unlimited use license of EZSurvey standard and $1500 for EZSurvey 2005 Professional. The programs contain the new features listed on the next page and described above, plus more.

Shipping date for Raosoft EZSurvey 2005 for the Internet is December 15, 2005. EZSurvey is a 32-bit program for use with Win200x/ME/NT/XP. The program is efficiently written in C++ and uses only14 megabytes of drive space. The web server components are less than 1 MB, plus space for the HTML files and database (The average is 2-3 MB, and can be up to 10MB with large databases.). The number of questions and records is unlimited. The database may reside on any PC, not just the web server.

A few major new features for increased security and improved form design include:

Security protection provides that the form processor detects buffer overrun attacks and improper file names, and sends an email notification to the web site owner.

•The server's scripting processor uses an open-source, restricted-memory language that prevents modification of files, registry settings, or unauthorized database rows.

•SQL commands are hard-coded into an XML file on the web server to make them invulnerable to nonsense-data attacks. Also, all SQL commands are generated in UTF-8.

•Forms over plain-text email have a user-identification code.

Form design aids include the new command Import Questions (Pro only) to import questions in bulk from either spreadsheet text format or word document text format. Then, either globally or individually the questions can be given advanced properties if wanted.

•Improved Template Editor (Pro only) designs include new modern choices, while now CSS and DHTML work with the templates.

•The Recode Responses option will quickly recode all of the responses to any question.

•The Weighted Score option (Pro only) allows weights to be assigned to demographic questions.

•Remove HTML provides that all HTML code be removed at once for report display purposes.

•Unicode support for other languages is enhanced.

Data collection may use an improved, compiled CGI that is safe, secure, and allows a speed that takes 25 more hits/second than standard Perl and is three times faster.

•The EZSurvey Personal Server has enhanced web-publishing support for off-site or on-site use.

•Mobile support to the Pocket PC is improved, and the Short Messaging Service (SMS) for PDAs and cell phones extended.

•The EZSurvey Enterprise Stand Alone Mail Server is free with EZSurvey and is a full-featured email delivery program for notifications and/or survey distribution. It is open source.

Online Reports uses a new Sum-File feature to generate statistics for online report display.

Database management features include the new Export to SQL option (Pro only) to export all data in the database to SQL statements that can be imported into any SQL database.

•Export to XML (Pro only) lets you export the data in the database to XML format.

•The web CGI can make a full connection to the ODBC database (Pro only) so that resondents can create new records, and update existing records.

Distribution can be by web, email, laptop, kiosk, mobile, portable hard drive, SMS, diskette, touchscreen and more. Data can be aggregated from these methods to a single database.

Customer contacts for description of usage and case studies are available on request.

Screenshots are available on the Raosoft, Inc. Web site on the EZSurvey page, or at: