February 16, 2004

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft EZSurvey 2004 for the Internet, a robust questionnaire forms generator with web and email distribution plus new handheld support. This major new version will extend EZSurvey’s reputation for high functionality with new features available to end users of all levels. For electronic forms, traditional surveys, and generic feedback.

Shipping date: March 1, 2004 w enterprise application!

Contact person to obtain an evaluation copy, or for questions:

Catherine McDole Rao, CEO Raosoft, Inc.

Customer contacts are located at the end of the press release.

SEATTLE, February 16, 2004—Raosoft EZSurvey 2004 for the Internet is its 7th version, a highly advanced new edition of this easy and robust electronic data collection program. With it, you can build either simple or complex questionnaires on web sites and distribute them over the Internet, intranets, and any standard email system plus now Pocket PCs, Palms, tablet PCs, and mobile phones (SMS). The improved GUI makes designing an electronic form even easier, more straightforward, and faster with more automatic wizard guidance. For advanced users, many more options are available. The target audiences are organizations with multiple applications of differing levels of functionality needs, with end users from novice to expert. EZSurvey can support experts with the feature set they need, unlike competitive products that focus only on the novice.

The price remains the same highly affordable $399 to an end user for an unlimited use license of EZSurvey standard and $1500 for EZSurvey 2004 Professional. The Standard package contains most of the new advanced features, including live previewing on the new EZSurvey Personal Server. The Professional adds improved ODBC connectivity and advanced scripting. Enterprises can customize and extend both versions by writing plugins in JavaScript. Other features are shown in the new feature list in this press release.

Shipping date for Raosoft EZSurvey 2004 for the Internet is March 1, 2004. EZSurvey is a 32-bit program for use with Win200x/ME/NT/XP. The program is efficiently written in C++ and uses only14 megabytes of drive space. The web server components are less than 1 MB, plus space for the HTML files and database (The average is 2-3 MB, and can be up to 10MB with large databases.). The number of questions and records is unlimited. The database may reside on any PC, not just the web server.

While EZSurvey 2004 provides for the general survey market, it also answers a specific area previously neglected in the marketplace: Firms and organizations which have a core group of survey experts. They can do all the work themselves, or they can have their internal end users do much of the design work themselves, then return the forms to the survey expert team for final polishing and special feature addition. The experts are able then to leverage their time, while at the same time providing a standardized control and advanced features, while end users have control over wording, appearance, and logic.

EZSurvey has many current corporate, government, and military customers who use it for increasingly powerful applications and have asked for new capabilities. These applications represent steadily increasing value to the customers who can extend their deployment of electronic data gathering with

• Replace paper processes with web, email, handheld, tablet, or laptop gathering

• Web portals

• Off-site, multiple-location data gathering (such as compliance checklists)

• Add custom features to a specific application.

After a questionnaire runs on a web server, responses are downloaded to the EZSurvey DBF database or, for the Pro version, saved online to ODBC databases such as MySQL, Postgres, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, DB/2 or Sybase. For email, the form is sent in HTML or text format, and when the data returns EZSurvey parses the responses and saves them into the database. Email distribution works with POP3/ESMTP and with most standard email programs, including Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise and Eudora.

EZSurvey can publish forms for any web server, including the self-contained EZSurvey Personal Server, which can run on WinCE, PocketPC, and Windows (including Tablet Edition), transmitting data to a central server whenever the mobile computer connects to the Internet.

The new EZSurvey SMS application uses the Short Message Service (SMS) to send and receive surveys to mobile phones with global reach, real-time reporting, and a new cellular gateway. EZSurvey SMS is priced separately through

Raosoft, Inc. also specializes in statistical report writers, and EZSurvey users can see real time reports from their web server (see the screenshots, with more on the web site), analyze the data with the Windows GUI, or further customize reports with Raosoft EZReport and RapidReport programs. Data can also be exported in DBF and ASCII format to any standard reporting package. Display charts can be saved in PDF format (Acrobat not required) or exported to PowerPoint or a word processing program. Raosoft EZReport costs $299 and RapidReport $199. New users wanting to use EZReport for its more advanced analysis have an affordable total cost of $399 EZSurvey + $299 EZReport = $698. Prices are kept low by Raosoft, Inc. to allow customers to add licenses as work expands.

Some new capacities and improvements of EZSurvey 2004 are listed below, including allowing the designer to immediately view validation and branching used in a form. The EZSurvey Personal Server lets you preview formatting and functionality without publishing to an outside server. In the Professional version, the Web Server can also be used to turn the user’s PC into a working web server for deployment of forms. EZSurvey 2004 also offers support for handhelds, capacity now for other alphabets with Unicode support, easier creation of EZSurvey’s unique look-and-feel Web Formatting templates, form design aids, Windows XP compatibility, additional deployment options, and more.

New features for easier and improved form design and data entry:

·                     EZSurvey 2004 has improved compatibility with Windows XP and Outlook XP.

·         Exact web site preview using a stand-alone personal web server: The newly developed EZSurvey Personal Server (EPS) lets you preview formatting and functionality on your PC as though on the final web server. You may check validation and skip patterns as you want while you design your questionnaire. This new EPS software, provided FREE with EZSurvey 2004, saves much time since you are able to provide your own PC or laptop with web server display capabilities.

·         A new Template Editor (Pro only) lets you more easily create new look-and-feel templates and helps you modify an existing template, for speed and standardized appearance. These look-and-feel style templates greatly speed design creation.

·         Count Questions returns a breakout of the number of questions in the form.

·         Warn on Responses shows a message if the response option the user selects is not valid.

·         Make a Library creates a library from the current project and saves the .ezl file with the other library files automatically. It saves several steps so works with past questions more easily.

·         “Restrict by Date” activates a survey between a specified start date and a specified end date.

·         The survey will only allow access to data entry during that designated time period.

·         Display Overview opens an HTML page with a list of question response codes, labels and the most important advanced options. It provides a fast form overview.

·         Unicode support means that surveys to any country are now possible, and are no longer limited to the western alphabet countries.

·         Create forms for Pocket PC, Windows CE, and Palm handhelds. EZSurvey lets you preview the handheld form immediately. Data may be returned wirelessly to a central server (mail or .NET) from the Pocket PC/Windows CE environment.


New features for powerful and improved distribution:

·         The intranet web server provided with EZSurvey Pro, the EZSurvey Personal Server, lets you use your PC as a web server (Pro only) to collect responses within your company without having to rely on an official server. You may convert your laptop into a web server for use off-site.

·         Kiosk mode with EZSurvey Personal Server, so that only the entry form is available to the participant doing entry. You are able to replace the paper process in yet another way using this collection method. The data can be aggregated if collection is used that employs several media methods. This .exe capacity will be forthcoming after the initial release of version 2004.

·         Compatibility with Microsoft Outlook XP lets you use this program for email purposes.

·         Follow Up (Pro only) permits you to schedule automatic follow-up emails. You may send an email (with a later survey if wanted) to the list of people who have filled out the questionnaire survey, after a specified number of days.

·         Sample Size Calculator (Pro only) determines the number of surveys needed to be collected and the number needed to be distributed in order to obtain a statistically valid sample.

·         Short Message Service (SMS) will send and receive surveys to mobile phones.


New features for powerful new and improved interactive reporting of results:

·         Interactive reports display your results in more formats, so that Headquarters and participants, or both, will see the data in real time. Decision-making is improved with immediate results turn-around.

New features to improve daily usage:

·         Secure Copy files to your web server to automate publishing.

·         Remove Duplicate IPs mandates that only the last occurrence of a host IP will be left in the database. This is useful for those who want to filter later based on IP.

·         Improved “under the hood” database architecture for faster importing of ASCII files and email messages. The whole program runs even more quickly and efficiently than before.


Customer contacts for description of usage and possible case studies:

Dr. Albert R Hollenbeck, AARP, Senior Research Advisor, Knowledge Group, Membership Group, Washington, DC, 202-434-6280, 434-6458 fax, email: He has used EZSurvey for years and grown the survey program with many applications.

Steve Henderson, Lockheed Martin Training Department, Lockheed Martin, Colorado Springs, CO, 719-277-4517, email: He has used all the Raosoft suite of software and employs data gathering by multiple means, web, LAN, diskette. His group helps provide training evaluation support to the US Air Force.

Jim Gallo, Accountability and Oversight Officer, Dept. of Human Resources, Office of the Secretary, Dept. of Commerce, WA DC, 301-752-6926. He helped move the department out of paper-based surveys into web-based using EZSurvey, and also arranged for Raosoft training for staff on how to write correct questions (to remove wording bias and improve accuracy of results).

Tony Gallagher, Senior Researcher, Educational Program Evaluation, American Red Cross National Headquarters, Falls Church, VA, 703-206-7625, fax 206-7673, email: He uses EZSurvey for evaluation purposes, and arranged for web portal integration.

Screenshots are available on the Raosoft, Inc. Web site at

or go to and select the EZSurvey button.