September 10, 1998

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft EZREPORT, Version 4.0 for Win95/98, and NT. This is the first graphical interface for Raosoft EZReport, the statistical report writer. End users can write complex reports with point and click ease, with great new power.

Shipping date: October 26, 1998 Price: $299, addition network node $199

Contact person to obtain a demo copy, or for questions:

Catherine McDole Rao, President, Raosoft, Inc.

SEATTLE, September 10, 1998— Raosoft EZREPORT, Version 4.0 is the first graphical version for Raosoft's EZReport, previously in DOS only. EZReport for Windows is a new type of user-friendly and powerful report writer with statistics that provides the ability for non-experts--and experts--to produce custom reports from any DBF format database. Using its new point-&-click method, end users can easily write reports without needing experience or requiring training.

All commands are menu-driven so no programming experience is necessary. End users may design detailed, sophisticated reports that contain statistics and powerful analysis. Raosoft EZReport lets you instantly view graphs and tables of your data, with either single or multiple variables per page as wanted. EZReport will let you create memory variables for temporary calculations, calculate formulas using fieldname values, or quickly provide standard statistics such as sum, count, and average. It has powerful grouping and query functionality. You may bring in text for headings, explanation, or other use. You may bring in design elements to give a new clarity and attractiveness to your reports. You may produce multiple page reports.

End users may save the report results as templates for future use, or save the screens in PDF format for off-site distribution. Or they may want to use UShow, Raosoft's new free screenshow program that provides end users with instant capture and playback of screens for report viewing and presentations.

The ability to produce repetitive reports is one example of EZReport's power and utility for daily business. With just a single command choice, a researcher can display and print a repetitive statistical template report by any specified category or categories for all possible options. For example, a manager who is interpreting the results of an employee review can obtain the same report format for each supervisor. EZReport will immediately produce the repetitive analysis for each supervisor in turn.

Raosoft EZReport, Version 4.0 will support Win95/98 and NT and be provided as a 32-bit version. It takes 2 MB. There is no program limit to its database size. It provides powerful extra analysis for owners of Raosoft SURVEYWin or for anyone who works with DBF or ASCII databases.

In summary, some of the major features that Raosoft EZReport, Version 4.0 supports are:

• View both graphs and tables of single or multiple variables instantly on the same screen, and provide either single or multi-page reports,

• Create memory variables (fieldnames) for temporary calculations,

• Calculate formulas and provide instant standard statistics (sum, count, average, standard deviation), as well as correlation, multiple regression, and hypothesis testing,

• Analyze text by word count, word string, and crosstabulation,

• Group data by a specified field and print subtotals,

• Query and sort by Group and Case if requested,

• Produce frequency tables and multiple crosstabulation tables,

• Create or import text, and use design elements for presentation level reports, then send out results with the free viewer Raosoft UShow if wanted.

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