October 23, 2000

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft EZSurvey 2000 for the Internet, a forms generator for web sites and email distribution, with new automatic Style templates to display in advance the look and feel of different HTML format choices, a new Preview, and more. For generic forms, feed-back, or traditional surveys.

Shipping date: October 23, 2000nterprise application!

Contact person to obtain an evaluation copy, or for questions:
Catherine McDole Rao, CEO Raosoft, Inc.

SEATTLE, September 20, 2000—Raosoft EZSurvey 2000 for the Internet is version 4, a more advanced version of this easy 32-bit electronic data collection program that lets end users build forms or questionnaires on web sites or distribute them over the Internet, intranets, or any standard Email system. Design is even simpler and faster, with more automatic wizards. The price remains the same, $399 to an end user for an unlimited use license. EZSurvey 2000 extends Web site design and distribution options.

Shipping date for Raosoft EZSurvey 2000 for the Internet is October 23. EZSurvey is a 32-bit program for use with Win95/98/Me and Windows NT. The program requires four megabytes of disk space. It is written in C++. The number of questions and records is unlimited.

The innovative AutoStyle Template lets you try out different look and feel styles on your forms to see which you prefer, and lets enterprise users design from a common standard. Default templates come with EZSurvey and of course you can add your own template compositions to the Style library. This fast display in advance is a major advantage over FrontPage or Adobe PageMill. You can now design your content model separately from the web appearance, choosing the display at any time. Enterprise users will appreciate background images, logos, fonts and other attributes that provide a common look and feel. The AutoStyle Template also lets you make sweeping global changes easily for editing. Other new options that ease design are access to an HTML editor, so an end user doesn't need to know HTML coding, and a sophisticated automatic table wizard.

After a questionnaire is designed and posted on a web site, responses are immediately saved into the DBF EZSurvey database. For email, the questionnaire is sent out in text format, and when the data returns Raosoft Postmaster automatically saves the data into the DBF database file. Analysis and reports are immediately available from EZSurvey itself, from the Raosoft EZReport or SURVEYWin program, or from any DBF-standard reporting package. If ASCII format is wanted, the data can be exported from EZSurvey in fixed, tab-delimited, or comma-delimited format. The Raosoft EZReport program costs $299, and the SURVEYWin program $495. New users wanting to use EZReport for more advanced analysis have a total cost of $399 EZSurvey + $299 EZReport = $698. End users may also export their data to any alternative reporting software that is based on DBF or ASCII format.

The interface is even easier to use. Major new features and improvements include:

• The AutoStyle Template discussed above, for choosing your web interface look and feel, and for fast global editing. Select from EZSurvey templates or build your own.

• A new HTML editor is included, using either Netscape Composer or Front Page, whichever is installed on the computer. The end user does not need to know HTML.

• The Preview mode allows you to view final web page formats and multi-pages without requiring web posting before viewing, as formerly. This feature adds speed to design.

• An automatic Table wizard lets you do sophisticated tables with headers. The Table design feature gives you flexibility to group related questions compactly.

• Email now has Mailmerge for bulk mailing, pulling from the address book.

• You may attach the HTML form into an email message. The responses can be sent either to your web server or the Raosoft server, which forwards to your email address.

• After the respondent fills out a web server form, the server can email the data to the administrator. This option is useful for browsers not supporting mailto utilities.

• One integrated script program, ezs.cgi, now is provided for the server, in place of the three separate programs used by EZSurvey 99. This reduces error and is easier.

• More validation options are included for the number and Rank Order question types.

• The new `piping' feature allows previously answered responses to display in a later question. Piping is available for all question types.

• A detailed Query is now included in the Report section for data subset selection.

Raosoft EZSurvey 2000 includes support for both posting questionnaires on web sites and for distribution by email. The email distribution can be Internet email by POP3 and SMTP, or by any standard network email such as Exchange, cc:Mail, GroupWise, Eudora or Lotus Notes. EZSurvey 2000 includes instant preconfigured statistical templates, so that end users may analyze the returned data. The EZSurvey report templates are included in the EZSurvey price. The report templates include pie and bar chart analysis as well as tables and can be printed in color. You may also share results by posting them on a web page, by saving in PDF format and viewing in Adobe Acrobat, or by using Raosoft's free UShow viewer, an .exe that captures specified screens for later display.

EZSurvey 2000 also has a professional version, EZSurvey 2000 Pro, that provides ODBC connectivity. It adds improved support for Oracle database, as well as continuing to support SQL Server, Sybase, Access, and IBM DB/2. A major new feature is that the data can be stored in both the EZSurvey DBF database as well as the ODBC database, for those wanting Raosoft analysis and reports. Price is $1500.

References to contact:

Laurel Barbour, Boeing Aerospace Operations, Network Administrator, Fairfield, CA, 707-399-3425. Contractor to the Air Force, with web site evaluation applications.

Ed Chambers, IRS, Office of Organizational Effectiveness, Strategic Human Resources, Atlanta, GA, 404-338-7018.

Jim Woodmansee, U.S. Dept. of Transportation, HQ, 202-366-9465.

Screenshots are available on the Raosoft Web site at or select the EZSurvey button on the front page of