January 18, 2000

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft® INTERFORM® 99, a new program that provides Web form design for data collection of complex questionnaire-type applications. It is a brand new program, designed with powerful options for Web use not available elsewhere. Response counts can be tracked also during data collection.

Shipping date: February 21, 2000 New W

Contact person to obtain an evaluation copy, or for questions:
Catherine McDole Rao, CEO Raosoft, Inc.

SEATTLE, January 18, 2000— Raosoft® InterForm®99 gives new capacity to Web-based application developers to build attractive, inviting data collection forms that have strong validation power to guide data entry correctly. The forms may be unlimited in number and size of fieldnames, the number of participants is unlimited, and the design functionality includes sophisticated branching features and many validation options for data fill-out guidance. Options allow fast form design, including global-type commands. Design wizards lead the developer through question and response set creation to provide an easy design environment.

The flexible screen design is highly customizable and the set of attributes of font, location, and format may be saved as a Style for re-use as wanted. Screen `pages' may be copied as wanted, with new fieldnames automatically created for succeeding screens. New form control options such as If-Then-Show branch participants to desired form locations, and the If-Then-Error can provide customized pop-up guidance if the participant incorrectly fills out an answer. An AutoNextPage option lets participants jump immediately to the next screen on filling out a question, instead of being obliged to click on the Next button, as with most current web applications. The data entry screens may provide many powerful validation options for each question, and different branching may be assigned to separate response elements. Designers are able to select design options quickly from menus during form design.

Shipping for InterForm99 begins February 21, 2000. The price is $20,000 for the application developer seat. It allows posting of unlimited applications on a server, for unlimited participants. The number of fieldnames and number of records is unlimited. It is written in C++ and authored by Windows 95/98 and NT, and requires only 2MB of hard disk space. All standard web servers are supported, including Apache (Windows, UNIX and LINUX) and Microsoft IIS (Windows NT). Also, the Raosoft EZSurvey99 for the Internet (for smaller usage) and the SURVEYWin databases can be appended with the InterForm99 database, and a form can be transferred among the programs.

InterForm99 creates a Web-server program in the form of a CGI-script that provides security for your data and allows form flexibility. Data is saved after each screen is filled, so that if the internet connection fails, the data is secure. The destination database can be defined for any location, including directories not accessible through the web. Data is stored in DBF format and can be exported/ imported in ASCII. InterForm99 will automatically back up your data in a second database. Incomplete forms are not added to the master database until finished.

To summarize, major features include:

• Interface wizards lead you through all the steps necessary to compose each question and its responses, along with validations.

• You can decide whether to show or hide a page based on previous responses with If-Then-Show. You can decide to jump to another page based on the response to a question using the Skip-by-Response feature.

• Use validation options to guide participants accurately through the form. The If-Then-Error feature prompts an invalid response, and the wording of the prompt can be customized.

• The Bookmark option allows the participant to reenter the form after leaving.

• Save question and page formatting options as Styles to give your form consistency, and speed the design process greatly. Formatting is highly customizable so that forms achieve a new level of elegance for web display appearance.

• The Link option in form design activates the AutoNextPage jump so that participants move immediately to the next page instead of having to click the `Next' button, to ease entry.

• You may enter your own HTML tags in questions to insert unique items or images, or for form banners, horizontal rulers, etc., to give a special feel to your form.

• Use CGI tools to keep track of your web form, viewing real time statistics such as how many persons have filled out the form, are taking it currently, have unfinished forms, etc.

• The Percent Completed feature provides a running status bar so the participants can view degree of form completion as they move through the form.

Sample usage: The Chief of Staff of the Air Force has just used InterForm99 successfully in a world-wide data collection for a combined Climate review and Quality of Life survey, with more than 130,000 participants answering, in a form of approximately 500 questions.

Beta user reference for Raosoft InterForm99 is: Capt. Scott Hopkins, AFMIA, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas, telephone 210-652-6598, x 1.

Demo copies and screenshots are available to the press at