January 2, 2007

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft EZREPORT Version 2007, a combined statistical report writer and presentation program. This robust EZReport version provides new analysis and instant dynamic report options. End users quickly design detailed custom reports with point and click ease.

Shipping date: January 23, 2007 Price: $299 still, add'l network node $149

Contact person to obtain an evaluation copy, or for questions:

Catherine McDole Rao, CEO Raosoft, Inc.

SEATTLE, January 2, 2007 — Raosoft EZREPORT Version 2007 is designed to provide easy-to-use analysis and reports with presentation quality for both non-expert and expert end users. EZReport is developed specifically to examine questionnaire and survey-type data. The data can be drawn from Raosoft data collection software, any DBF database, ASCII databases, or standard ODBC databases (SQL Server, Access, Oracle, DB/2, Sybase, more). New features include extensive new analysis of comments and their handling in reports, plus powerful new capacity for instant dynamic report generation. Automation options let multiple reports be prepared in segmented detail as quickly as if only a single report were prepared. As well, formatting for charts is improved to provide more informative and clearer displays for reports.

EZReport Version 2007 is a user-friendly and flexible report writer with statistics, and was developed to give non-experts the ability to produce custom reports, and to give speed to advanced users. Using its point-&-click object-oriented method, end users do not require training. They may employ basic analysis or the more advanced statistics that are also available.

Shipping date for Version 2007 is January 23, 2007. It is a 32-bit program for use with Win200x/ME/NT/XP. It uses only 6 MB disk space due to its efficient programming. There is no program limit to database size. It provides powerful extra reporting and analysis for owners of Raosoft EZSurvey, InterForm and SurveyWin or for anyone who works with DBF, ASCII or ODBC databases.

Reports may be saved as templates for future re-use, printed, exported, or be saved in Adobe PDF format for web site posting and distribution. Or, end users may take advantage of Raosoft's RapidReport progam ($199), which provides preset templates that allow you to instantly prepare repetitive reports for each variable or question in preset chart format. The Raosoft web site provides samples and a demo of both EZReport and RapidReport.

In summary,major newfeatures of Raosoft EZReport, Version 2007 include new comment analysis and report options, as described below:

  • Automated multi-page reports with extensive comments combined with Numerical analysis are possible to generate in one step. No need for manual intervention to determine page breaks. Screen and page considerations are handled easily.
  • Show comments alone with automatic paging, easily, for presentation quality reports
  • Query and Crosstabulation options are available with the automated Comments, for detailed and sophisticated reports by segmented categories, in automated fashion.
  • Comment metrics allow youto examine the number of responses or uniqueword counts for qualitative analysis.
  • Comments can be saved in an EZReport report file or to a text file for additional formatting within any standard word processor, if wanted.
  • Powerful command-line interface and scripting supports batch report prodution and distribution. You are able to email reports automatically to the correct persons.
  • The extended command line interface provides for multiple query support to let you email detailed reports automatically to the correct persons.
  • You can access and analyze web-based survey data gathered with EZSurvey for custom and default reporting on your local desktop computer.
  • You may have instant dynamic report generation! Modules of EZSurvey form a plug-in that produces reports of current online data in PDF format automatically. A CGI script returns the web data in a format that EZRport uses to dynamically update the report file. Then, reports in PDF format are possible automatically. You may have instant dynamic report generation when current data is added to the EZReport database, for on-going reports.

References are avalable on request for description of usage and case studies if wanted. Screenshots are available on the Raosoft, Inc. Web site on the EZReport page, or at: