April 26, 2004

Raosoft, Inc. releases Raosoft EZREPORT, Version 2004 for Win2000/ME/ NT/XP. This combined statistical report writer and presentation program provides new expanded analysis and more display options. Point and click ease allows end users to quickly design custom reports.

Shipping date: April 26, 2004 Price: $299, additional network license $149

Contact person to obtain a demo copy, or for questions:

Catherine McDole Rao, CEO, Raosoft, Inc.

SEATTLE, April 26 , 2004 Raosoft EZREPORT, Version 2004 provides easy-to-use analysis and reports with inviting presentation quality for both non-expert and expert end users. EZReport is developed specifically to examine questionnaire and survey-type data. The data can be derived from Raosoft data gathering software, any DBF database, ASCII databases, or standard ODBC databases (SQL Server, Access, Oracle, DB/2, Sybase, more). New features include the ability to produce stacked bar charts, which can pivot instantly. Formatting options are extended to support color and plot styles that can be set, plus many other options are added to improve display control. The menu interface has been reorganized and extended for greater clarity. A stable program used for more than 10 years, EZReport provides for both beginning and advanced applications.

EZReport, Version 2004 is a user-friendly and flexible report writer with statistics, and was developed to give non-experts the ability to produce custom reports, and to give speed to advanced users. Using its point-&-click object-oriented method, end users do not require training. They may employ basic analysis or the more advanced statistics that are also available.

Raosoft EZReport Version 2004 will support Win200x/ME/NT/XP and is provided as a 32-bit version. It uses 6 MB disk space. There is no program limit to database size. It provides powerful extra reporting and analysis for owners of Raosoft EZSurvey, InterForm, and SURVEYWin or for anyone who works with DBF, ASCII or ODBC databases.

Reports may be saved as templates for future re-use with different data, printed, exported, or be saved in Adobe PDF format for web site posting and distribution. Or, end users may take advantage of Raosoft's RapidReport version 2004 program ($199), which provides default templates that allow you to instantly prepare reports for each variable or question in preset chart format. The EZReport owner can access the RapidReport program immediately through a menu option. The Raosoft web site provides samples and a demo of both EZReport and RapidReport.

In summary, some of the major new features of Raosoft EZReport, Version 2004 are:

        New stacked bar charts are available, and the number of comparisons for the bars is limited only by the screen/page considerations rather than program limitations.

        Stacked bar charts can pivot from vertical to horizontal display and vice versa.

        Improved formatting for graphs provide colors and plot styles that can be set, and rulers, such as for graph axes, can have numeric ranges placed on them.

        Graphs have increased use of default statistics, e.g., cumulative statistics on bar graphs.

        Improved placement tools such as the Alignment option and Grid lines give greater placement ease and accuracy in placing objects for fast and inviting page design.

        Improved XML report files assist integration of EZReport with other applications.

        Version 2004 is designed for Windows XP, opens and saves files in the "My Documents" directory, and keeps separate preferences for each user.

        An improved built-in form editor makes it easier to import databases by automatically analyzing the imported database to determine its structure.

        Powerful command-line interface and scripting lets you create batch report production plus distribution; multiple query support means automatic bulk printing of appropriate reports.

        Redesigned menus provide faster, more intuitive reporting, e.g., analyses for novices and experts are now in separate menus.

        Copying/pasting of multiple objects to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint is improved.

        The Raosoft RapidReport program with its default templates has improved direct access from an EZReport menu to generate instant reports.


Reference: Mr. Fred Ahrens, Institutional Researcher, Clover Park Technical College, Lakewood, Washington, 253-589-5532,